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MtM6556: Question if I win against someone of my rank shouldn't my rank go up? so long as it was a ranked game?
apoca: yes
Virag0: it goes up a few decimal points each win
MtM6556: there are decimals?
Nighteyes: the more games you win the fewer decimal points it goes up
yoyoma: yes but they're secret :)
MtM6556: wow, learn something new everyday
Virag0: yes. but they only show on the graph ( sort of)
Hu: No, MtM6556, not necessarily. Rank is an integer floor function of rating which is a Real number (think decimal number).
Nyanjilla: not secret---look in the help files
Nyanjilla: specifically this:
yoyoma: That page is only a milestone on the long journey of understanding the kgs ratings. Butterflies in Brasil can change your rating. :D