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Sai4321: so i dont need to pay to be here?
BigDoug: Sai, how many times would you like to hear the same answer?
Reepicheep: you dont need to pay to be here
Sai4321: if u join tourneys do u have to pay?
BigDoug: yes -- if they are KGS Plus tournaments
Cyclone00: you only pay if you (a) buy games from higher dans or (b) join kgs+
Sai4321: how do u join?
Sai4321: i dont wanna get kgs+
Sai4321: how do u know ur in kgs+
Cyclone00: look up -> KGS Plus on menu
Kajiyoushn: i see a ceiling when i look up
Kajiyoushn: eggshell white i think
Sai4321: So i dont have kgs+ YES!!!!!!!!
Sai4321: im freeeeeeee