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javachip: Are there areas where you can see glass formation?
javachip: from Atomic Explosions?
Oloril: I feel that nuclear explosions are an inefficent way to make glass
Oloril: What would you say your favourite aspect of radiation poisoning is?
stumped: mutant powers
trousey: it seems as if i can only win 1 game a day if that
javachip: turning into a big green monster
Herod: Then just play one game a day
javachip: a big green body builder
Nichiren: holy!!!
royu: with my luck, my mutant power would be something like the ability to eat chilis without distress
Oloril: That'd be a pretty awesome power actually.
Oloril: I'd make a super concentrated ghost pepper sauce to put on toast and go around eating it and offering some to people
nessu: how nice of you
Oloril: Sharing is caring
nessu: you should use jigsaws instead tho :)
nessu: and what distress does eating chilies cause?
stumped: third degree burns
nessu: nah it only feels like it
masonc: Does one need to sign in to be here?
masonc: Oh.  No one is here.
masonc: I am not here therefore I am not.
masonc: and, by the way, you are not
dendrimer: the absence of knots is in no way indicative of the state of being