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Masticator: oh thank heavens the sugar is wearing off a little bit!!
Elandal: that's bad. You need more chocolate.
Masticator: but i'd be sick to my stomach!
Elandal: Small price :)
Masticator: I think I'll just have this pixie stick instead
ehl: one doesn't really masticate pixie sticks
Elandal: I guess I'll just go to bed now :)
ehl: umm, maybe that should have been pixie stix
ehl: american plurals can be tricky
Elandal: Just add random characters and blame line noise.
Masticator: oh snap, you're right it is pixie stix
Masticator: no wait it's pixy stix, wow!
juggernaut: "just add random characters and blame line noise" sounds like a recipe for instant soup
ehl: most recipes omit a recommendation for blame
juggernaut: actually alphabet soup
ehl: which greatly reduces their utility
juggernaut: i know, this is new
juggernaut: improved utility, yes
ehl: "whisk until peaks are firm but not dry--if you overwhisk, blame the weatherman"
juggernaut: costs more, of course