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Troubled by jellyfish?

Read on.

Trolled, by Muttley.
A new fragrance by Calvin Klein- parce que le nez humide d'un chien peut vous faire sourire.

Picture done by domie, look up her profile and check her website and graphics :)  Ace, huh?

I'm an admin, so if I can help I will.

I like to share what little I know about this game. Here's my appraisal of past students of mine.

Takamiya Masaki:  Always grabs territory.  Doesn't understand thickness.  Hopeless.

Lee Changho:  Can't sit still, never serious, plays the fool.  Hopeless.

Lee Sedol:  Thinks he can kill everything.  Killed all my groups.  Stopped coming.  Don't know what happened to him.

I wrote to Chuck Norris via his website asking him for a quote to put in my KGS profile.  I didn't think he would give me one but- here it is!

"There is no way you are ever going to get a quote from me to put in your KGS profile" - Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris is the only person who can make a san ren sei with two stones.
(Correction.   He tells me its one stone.   He uses the other to make a shimari.)

Psychotic disco party dog likes to pogo (7 letters.)  (Oh. The answer is not "Muttley" :D )

elementc [?]: muttley did you run out of characters in your prof