#740 [+|-] (0)
Move 3
Misteri [5k]: Walls!
Move 5
awesome [3k]: r12
Move 6
ofir271 [3k]: knock knock
Muttley [2k]: go act!
Move 15
Muttley [2k]: taisha this.
Move 32
Higanbana [?]: this white so strong
Move 36
ofir271 [3k]: specialize in blitz too
Move 39
Muttley [2k]: all smoke and mirrors
Move 41
ofir271 [3k]: and walls
Move 45
Misteri [5k]: he's actually pretty weak at arm wrestling
Move 60
Muttley [2k]: I bet his goldfish left him
Move 63
ofir271 [3k]: lol
Move 64
WillKablam [2k]: my first love was a wall, but it couldn't stand me
Move 75
big [7k]: there's a gloryhole joke in there somewhere. :X
Move 76
Babibo [2d?]: ah tricked !
Move 77
Muttley [2k]: probably not on kgs though :)