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#312 [+|-] (2)
kibitz from a twoeye game:

Rakuten [2k]: k6 is getting kind of large isnt it? (comment: k6 is a 20k mistake)
Nijntje [5d]: k6 j5
Nijntje [5d]: still captured
Rakuten [2k]: ...doi
Rakuten [2k]: thanks :p
handshake [2k]: dude you are a shame to us 2k
Rakuten [2k]: I just woke up ;(
Ojisama [4k?]: dude u should join us 4 kyus :D
Rakuten [2k]: im going to cry for a while now
handshake [2k]: lolololol
Koffein [-]: oji, do you really want him in your team? :p
Kosashi [7k?]: 4 kyus are not fun, come join the 7's!
Ojisama [4k?]: actually no

#311 [+|-] (0)
ImNoSensei: I killed Sephiroth by invoking kame no itte

#388 [+|-] (0)
Hu: Tenant was great in Casanova.
TeddyBear: Casanova was pretty good
TeddyBear: Though it was funny believing that Tenant grew a foot in old age to become Peter O'Toole