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#267 [+|-] (1)
stalkor: we should rename kgs to the youtube go server
T1tesuji: haha stalkor -.-
T1tesuji: :o though a youtube Go server would be cool...
Escaper: Any hybrid of a Go server and streaming video sounds really you really want to be trying to be working out a tricky L&D problem when your opponent breaks out the No Trousers Tesuji?

#381 [+|-] (0)
kspar [6k]: so many cat pics on kgs
meuns [1d]: cats are lovable
cekalo [2k]: so?
vogelfrei [2d]: dindt you know cat pics are nr. 2 traffic on internet?
kspar [6k]: haha
tetsuo [1k]: cats are strong at go
emkele [2k]: stats: our dogs vs some cats -> 1:1
meuns [1d]: cats contribute to internet mass
sombra [2k]: whats the nr. 1?
vogelfrei [2d]: lol
Tfp [4k]: number 1
vogelfrei [2d]: cmon....
kspar [6k]: also cat
vogelfrei [2d]: no
kspar [6k]: sort of
sombra [2k]: lol
vogelfrei [2d]: yeah :D

#674 [+|-] (0)
Falcon89: ok, Djokovic won at Wimbledon just now.
tmay: Yeah it was a good match. I thought after the 4th set Federer had it
Javaness: tennis is just like Go
Hatate: very true, tennis... you use only one arm