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#725 [+|-] (1)
dsaun: anyway, the bots are all in Social/ Computer Go room
woochie59: the bots are in Social ? that's a funny line
dsaun: agree :)
Hatate: clearly, bots are too social..they play with way too many different ppl than us
Hatate: and they greets move 1
woochie59: isn't there a 'rusty' room for them ?
dsaun: maybe we need another room category, something like mechanical :)
dsaun: yeah :)
woochie59: or... junk yard !?

#500 [+|-] (0)
firework 9d twoeye 7d 2012-06-16
kostuek [-]: how do you count ?
Ootakamoku [-]: kostuek, you guess, and then slap yourself real hard if its wrong by more than 10, eventually your instincts will improve and you will learn to estimate the board accurately
kostuek [-]: i think so
kostuek [-]: i cant slap too hard at all, like myself too much

#713 [+|-] (0)
pestilence  7d vs Elim 4d
mateoxx59 : how the heck to choose a nickname like this !?
luciendu77 : Because strange style
luciendu77 : But incredible
Callaghan : it's a cool nickname
mateoxx59 : smelly style then
ScaryGhost: pestilence might be a horseman
RoadRunner : Your nickname determines what rank you eventually get
ScaryGhost: there are 4 of them.  I would know.
ScaryGhost: Yes, RoadRunner.  Which is why I have none OO_O
tontonken : pork must be a very 2k type of name