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#306 [+|-] (1)
Mef: once reprisal gets to 3d he can use a real board
reprisal: heh
Mef: currently as 2d, he can only deal with the flat surface
reprisal: too true
Mef: (it was awful when he was 1d... and could only make out the lines...)
reprisal: i'm extremely sensitive to my environment too, i read worse on another computer screen
reprisal: any color calibration will throw me off, same with ambient noise
wbendick: have you considered drugs?

#206 [+|-] (0)
maladroit: I get the feeling that glue is a bit tense today. Let's all be very, very good.
RoundTuit: better to be good even when glue isn't...
SirRobin: what is the fun in being good if no one is watching?
glue: when I'm not good ? :)

#411 [+|-] (0)
shy: good, u?
shy: -paints your nails in colorful colors-
Nowww: doing good and really?
Nowww: anything new with you?
shy: you dont mind the nails?
Nowww: i do but compared to what you have done in the past its not that bad :P
shy: oh...