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#308 [+|-] (3)
werewolf: *pokes ken*
Apathy6: *deflates*
werewolf: didn't see that coming o.o
werewolf: *gets air pump*
werewolf: *sticks tube in ken's mouth*
Apathy6: *gets inflated*
werewolf: *puts air pump away
Apathy6: *floats*
werewolf: *ties a rope to kens ankle*
Apathy6: :D
werewolf: *ties other end to a tree*
Apathy6: *jumps thru the branches*
Apathy6: weeeee :D
werewolf: *pulls tree from under ken*
Apathy6: *floats away*
werewolf: i always knew he was an air head -_-;

#730 [+|-] (0)
maproomad: It is much better in Ireland than in England
Siller: Warmer and drier in Italy
maproomad: And still no-one will tell me why it is that if you pour a pint of draught Guinness and watch it carefully, you see the bubbles going downwards
alfalfa: nitrogen is heavier than air, that's all
alfalfa: so the nitrogen is simply falling
maproomad: that makes as much sense as any explanation I have heard

#544 [+|-] (0)
planar: Star Trek is not very good except for the Borg idea, and of course Seven of Nine.
BorgDrone: 7?9 yummi
BorgDrone: who wants to be assimilated?
lamassery: I prefer Six of One.
BorgDrone: it's free of charge
BorgDrone: and deductible from taxes
Javaness: Assimilation is not permitted in the EGR
BorgDrone: lol
BorgDrone: * runs
planar: ROTFL
GrandYan: Best warning ever :)