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#6 [+|-] (5)
Mikkel: but i dont have the space :(
allrooms: cat hair allergy here
Mikkel: :/
Mikkel: get one of those bold cats
allrooms: bold cats?
Pimple: Garfield?
Cato: did you mean bald?

#751 [+|-] (0)
Sherlock: do you ever just read out what bad could happen to a move after you make it
Sherlock: then your opponent does the bad thing
Sherlock: quite rude, i must say

#688 [+|-] (0)
apple: some say go itself is useless nonsense
alobar: i have said that !
Daylight: Nostrodamus... who is that?
Daylight: I feel s/he was a Latino singer...
apple: ok, so Nostrodamus didn't actually say that
apple: it was Appledamus