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#514 [+|-] (1)
FrenchDude: what happened to the graphs last night?
yoyoma: Happened exactly 6 months from April Fools. Coincidence? I think not!

#389 [+|-] (0)
Solid30k: *+-//**--/*+/-------0*8+2
DrStraw: ?
Solid30k: opss sorry
Solid30k: dog foot print :P

#696 [+|-] (0)
Chess or go ?
Muttley: Go is a discussion, chess is an argument
jkcx: in an open foyer? i forget
Mpresident: Go is a flowing battle, chess is medieval knights fighting one on one
Muttley: Proper chess can be very beautiful, all the same
jkcx: best comparative i've heard is chess is to sculpture as go is to painting. one pares away, the other builds up to completion
Muttley: well, it is more complex than that, although you reduce in chess you do also build as well
Mpresident: Sculpting with a chisel'
joeie1: nicest?
Muttley: building to harmony, e.g. overprotection co-ordination, centralisation, is very beautiful