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#189 [+|-] (3)
readytogo: dont use the letter f
maproomad: 'readytogo' is a good name for someone who expects to be booted at any moment :)

#757 [+|-] (0)
Debpizza: I will ask an undo when the game is go the time of counting and require to undo till back to the 1st move and resign there
Debpizza: So I could do that on a winning game ?
Marathon: No

#544 [+|-] (0)
planar: Star Trek is not very good except for the Borg idea, and of course Seven of Nine.
BorgDrone: 7?9 yummi
BorgDrone: who wants to be assimilated?
lamassery: I prefer Six of One.
BorgDrone: it's free of charge
BorgDrone: and deductible from taxes
Javaness: Assimilation is not permitted in the EGR
BorgDrone: lol
BorgDrone: * runs
planar: ROTFL
GrandYan: Best warning ever :)