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#257 [+|-] (1)
KuudeeKun: never heard of 1d (ama) making money by teaching go
info: i've heard of 10ks on KGS charging to teach
jwalton: How much can they bill you back for the stuff you teach that is wrong :P
info: make them bring a signed letter from the 7d they replace you with :)
jwalton: oh yeah, 7d charges $10 for letter, you get $5 refund

#748 [+|-] (0)
Muttley: Ironically, I got an "A" on English literature :))

#476 [+|-] (0)
gigazord: i wonder how many go stones you'd have to eat to perish
Herod: We're counting on you to perform the experiment
gigazord: I'll get on that right away
Isildur: I guess those would count as throw-ins.
gigazord: lol