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#277 [+|-] (1)
TheClown: I lose all my games - what do i do wrong??? <:O(
TheClown: I am a loser
PurpleCrow: you have to prove how your strength is superior!
reprisal: i lose all my games too
reprisal: we'll have to play some time

#206 [+|-] (0)
maladroit: I get the feeling that glue is a bit tense today. Let's all be very, very good.
RoundTuit: better to be good even when glue isn't...
SirRobin: what is the fun in being good if no one is watching?
glue: when I'm not good ? :)

#778 [+|-] (0)
cekalo: go is about putting stones on a board
cekalo: nothing more
Pagliacci: the first Go game only used 1 stone
Pagliacci: the winner had a big sword :)
TheNextSun: one stone on a one lib board?
bert: no, it is the story about the sword in that stone
Eternauta: I watered a big stone for years but it never grew a sword
TheNextSun: but if we use tewari, we can see that putting a sword in a stone in the first place was not a very good idea