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#783 [+|-] (1)
MXHero [4d]: every strategy in go can be used in real life, unless it has snapbacks
Lynx [1d]: there is death in the hane - I don't wear hanes underwear
hbw [-]: I use shichos everyday
hbw [-]: elevator is broken
murrmurr [5d?]: there was the broad broad that came complain about us playing go on such a sunny day and we took our game and played away from thickness
ranchani [3d?]: I pick small objects like I pick a go stone
RobertT [-]: I press buttons with my middle finger now because of Go
Muttley [1d]: I kill dragons.

#756 [+|-] (0)
Garisan: getting so close to sdk (single digit kyu)
MMXV: shhhhhh... don't type too loudly, because the ranking pixies might get annoyed

#774 [+|-] (0)
rsun: when there is no hope, resign like the pope