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#52 [+|-] (21)
tiger32k [7k]: idk why people even bother going for corners
tiger32k [7k]: no matter what you do there is always a way in

#382 [+|-] (0)
akahi: moving stones is physical activity
wicket: not sure i'd call go or poker a sport really
skywalker: go is greatest mind sport
reprisal: if sitting still for a few hours is your definition of physical activity
reprisal: i should start telling everyone that jogging and pushups are how i got my 2d
akahi: just like rocky :)

#356 [+|-] (0)
Fingathing: (after winning a game) oh, well, we can call it a draw
desuetude: haha
desuetude: as minue says, you can call self-atari an attack, but you do get captured