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#668 [+|-] (1)
Warfreak2: i nominate myself for the office of high priest
Warfreak2: all those in favour, and all those opposed, say aye
AmyTS: double aye
First: warfreak2 is such a sad person
HalfLife: you have the authoritah now
First: pitiful
Warfreak2: no, it was 100% opposed
AmyTS: you didn't become the high priest?  but i bribed all the right people

#571 [+|-] (0)
madcow: i like those software guys who attend lots of parties; it seems they always get their inspiration at the 3rd party

#580 [+|-] (0)
RoyMustang: one person down hunreds more to go tell my goal is complete
ImNoSensei: that's just mean
Inachan: it is?
phantom: It fits the song though.
RoyMustang: to be quoted by everyone onkgs though :P
Inachan: i think it's always fun to eat the stones O.o
RoyMustang: XD
ImNoSensei: I'm not a big fan of self atari >.>
RoyMustang: i have more songs ive reworked for go i just gota remember em
phantom: You should submit some to the AGA Songbook.
RoyMustang: XDD
phantom: They seem to accept new entries every time a congress roles around.
RoyMustang: this is the ko that never ends it goes on and on my friend♫
ImNoSensei: and the ultimate byo yomi soundtrack
ImNoSensei: it's the final countdooooown ♫