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#267 [+|-] (1)
stalkor: we should rename kgs to the youtube go server
T1tesuji: haha stalkor -.-
T1tesuji: :o though a youtube Go server would be cool...
Escaper: Any hybrid of a Go server and streaming video sounds really you really want to be trying to be working out a tricky L&D problem when your opponent breaks out the No Trousers Tesuji?

#206 [+|-] (0)
maladroit: I get the feeling that glue is a bit tense today. Let's all be very, very good.
RoundTuit: better to be good even when glue isn't...
SirRobin: what is the fun in being good if no one is watching?
glue: when I'm not good ? :)

#509 [+|-] (0)
blitzo: wikipedia devotes a whole page to the word "idiot" = must be an important term