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#543 [+|-] (3)
Egad: i have a joke
Egad: an indian, farmer and the pope walk into a bar
Egad: the pope raped them both
Bertoo: wow
Egad: i think i told it wrong
Egad: wait
Egad: knock knock
Bertoo: *opens door*
Bertoo: yo what's up
Egad: its the pope, RUNNN

#441 [+|-] (0)
norg: I am 9d really
plober: I am 39k really
norg: 39k is strongest
plober: It's a honor title given after starting at the 1-1 point :)
Zvi: 1-1 strong. cannot be invaded

#275 [+|-] (0)
Move 57
Allanon [7k]: I propose we outlaw self-atari. that way i can say R5 looks good and not have the desire to hurt myself for my stupidity
tetris [-]: allanon, i bet you had a moment when you did think r5 looked good
Move 59
Allanon [7k]: tetris, I did. that's why I want to outlaw self-atari so I can stop making myself feel stupid
tetris [-]: you might still think of it even if it was outlawed
tetris [-]: there are cures for stupidity, but legislation isn't one of them :)
Allanon [7k]: tetris, it's legislation or nothing for me :p