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#39 [+|-] (7)
BeachBabe [?]: i think i did good till i started to fall apart
lovegrowth [2d?]: thats common

#760 [+|-] (0)
Gotarist: I publicly accuse everyone here of being a nice person !
Gotaris: Stay that way because KGS makes me happy !
r0n1n: Guilty !
JoeSecchi: no public accusations !
r0n1n: Talk to an admin in private if you witness a problem on KGS

#709 [+|-] (0)
RealXena: en garde !
HiggsBison: Oh no
HiggsBison: The fake in the tin-foil bra
RealXena: it's actually solid gold
RealXena: just like me
Meepy: i keep all my flavors sealed in tight... with aluminum foil
RealXena: I need more support than that
Muttley: aluminium clothes are really hard to iron
Muttley: but they are incredibly warm during summer
RealXena: they're hard to iron, but easy to aluminum
Herod: aluminum hats good to keep aliens from reading your thoughts
RealXena: or, of more immediate concern, the government