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#422 [+|-] (2)
holynec: nooooooooooooooooooo
holynec: I am diein.g............
Gilgamesh: o.o
Demon: interesting, how do you feel about this holynec? o.o
Gilgamesh: you mentioned your mother, tell me more
holynec: What is this
Demon: what do YOU think this is?
Demon: and to think that some quack is getting paid 50 bucks an hour for the same crap i'm saying =/
holynec: .__.
holynec: =_=
holynec: (=_=0)
holynec: I'm a psychiatrist

#761 [+|-] (0)
Jenna: Hey ! We need 2 more people for rengo !
woochie59: bribe someone
AmyTS: Kidnapping for rengo probably won't work

#730 [+|-] (0)
maproomad: It is much better in Ireland than in England
Siller: Warmer and drier in Italy
maproomad: And still no-one will tell me why it is that if you pour a pint of draught Guinness and watch it carefully, you see the bubbles going downwards
alfalfa: nitrogen is heavier than air, that's all
alfalfa: so the nitrogen is simply falling
maproomad: that makes as much sense as any explanation I have heard