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#263 [+|-] (1)
ok: i hear that pros are serious about every game they play
takami: except the ones against amateurs

#687 [+|-] (0)
Muttley: I get several seconds of lag now and again
GlobalGo: I had 60s lag earlier
Muttley: I switched off the Albanian server to clean out the mice nests, I wonder if that is the reason
Muttley: apparently all of Europe's traffic goes through the Albanian server
Muttley: I'm considering upgrading from MS-DOS 3.3
Muttley: that should help
Comrade: Upgrading is always a bad move

#762 [+|-] (0)
Meepy: i think the 2yr old went to sleep ^^
Meepy: he's been walking around all day telling people every random thought
Meepy: "hi, I'm NOT pooping!"
Meepy: only a 2yr old can greet someone that way