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#288 [+|-] (3)
MyAlias: at least ur not an android how do u even not misclick o_o
danmaybe: oh remings. anyone play go on a touchscreen or tablet?
mafutrct: dance mat!
MyAlias: with 361 buttons
MyAlias: oh joy!
mafutrct: i would love to try
MyAlias: i can't get to k10 dammit
mafutrct: dance proper joseki, will you!
danmaybe: oh....igo revolutuion sounds cool

#418 [+|-] (0)
jam090: kghin 9d !!
stumped: Make him wear the Hat
Warfreak2: gosh
Warfreak2: kghin now kgs's first 9d~
wither: because he never plays lower ever
Warfreak2: he'll never get a game again
wither: too bad

#761 [+|-] (0)
Jenna: Hey ! We need 2 more people for rengo !
woochie59: bribe someone
AmyTS: Kidnapping for rengo probably won't work