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#305 [+|-] (1)
[Name Withheld]: hey
[Name Withheld]: I just owned a 2d It was so funny XP
s: huh? i don't even know you!
[Name Withheld]: waa
[Name Withheld]: but you're "s"
s: yes, but i've never even talked to you before
[Name Withheld]: u might know me in my past accounts
s: like what?
[Name Withheld]: mm
s: nope
[Name Withheld]: airegin
s: nope
[Name Withheld]: brother
s: nope
[Name Withheld]: awesome66
s: nope
[Name Withheld]: [gives five more names]
s: nope, nope, nope, nope, nope
s: though mm is a good one :)
[Name Withheld]: s
s: s??
[Name Withheld]: yeah
[Name Withheld]: that was my old account
s: you had s???
[Name Withheld]: yeah
s: a fellow s-owner!
[Name Withheld]: XD
s: ok i have to go, thx for all the nicks :)
[Name Withheld]: don't tell anyone
s: ok

#388 [+|-] (0)
Hu: Tenant was great in Casanova.
TeddyBear: Casanova was pretty good
TeddyBear: Though it was funny believing that Tenant grew a foot in old age to become Peter O'Toole

#680 [+|-] (0)
dufusgoguy: I never escape...I always politely resign at worst...
wind: i only escape when playing in person