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#303 [+|-] (3)
ScudRunner: i never get the people on crack or toking on drugs.... all my opponents are completely conscious and that really holds me back sometimes

#710 [+|-] (0)
XY0908: I started watch a Korean movie this morning called Blood Aria, and just 3 minutes after it started I stopped watching.
XY0908: Know why?
Meepy: wife came into the room?
tomicus: well the blood thing would keep me from starting in the first place
XY0908: It had a scene where the main character speaks foreign language and they DUBBED that part. If the main character didn't put that much of work to do that on his own... the movie cannot be good.
XY0908: AND also wife came into the room too, Meepy :-)
tomicus: XY is on the subtitle side of the argument
Meepy: i knew it!
tomicus: sub dub wars...
XY0908: I have decided to watch ONLY good movies!

#726 [+|-] (0)
Strange dialogue:
arndt: hegoak ebaki banizkion
arndt: ez duzu euskal hitz egiten
woochie59: wow, nice swahili admin
arndt: de gårjunte å ha nåt hemlit längre när vemsomhelst kan översätta me google
woochie59: this must be in some aztek or samoa language :)
arndt: indeed
woochie59: I won, didn't I ?