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#314 [+|-] (5)
Gon00bs [7k]: I suck at spelling today
Sukudo [?]: only today?^^
Gon00bs [7k]: YES ONLY TODAY
Gon00bs [7k]: HUH?!
Sukudo [?]: its the key above shift
Sukudo [?]: on the left side
Gon00bs [7k]: um..., I mean... you're cool

#586 [+|-] (0)
Mef: (advice from one nerd to another)
hej: First I should learn how to say something more than just "hello" to her...
hej: ^^
Mef: That's the hardest part....I tend to just skip it
hej: huh?
hej: The problem is that I am shy
hej: but finally I am cured from my social phobia :)
Mef: I know, it's damn near impossible for me to just walk up and say hello to someone I don't know pretty well
hej: I don't even know her at all
hej: I have only talked to her once, today!
Mef: Exactly, that makes it harder
Mef: So instead I'll skip the hello, go straight to some other sort of comment, usually a bit of a joke
hej: but then she left me pretty quickly. I think she felt uncomfortable or something... She is very shy, even more than me I think...
Mef: I see, hard to say without knowing specifics
hej: but what should I say?
JMEdwards: hej, I'm going to tell you something that must remain secret, we'll just call it the shin tesuji
hej: I would like to ask her for her msn, there it would be easier to talk...
JMEdwards: first you need a really good friend to help you with this
hej: JME, ...ok
JMEdwards: here's what you tell the friend
JMEdwards: "if I haven't at least spoken 10 words to this girl by friday, I want you to kick me in the shins"
Warfreak2: heh
Warfreak2: sacrifice tactics
JMEdwards: well, sometimes you have to
hej: it's ok
Mef: hmm, I thought you were going to have the friend trip him when he was near her, and see if she helps him pick up his stuff.... instant conversation
JMEdwards: though sometimes the couple drinks joseki is sufficient

#761 [+|-] (0)
Jenna: Hey ! We need 2 more people for rengo !
woochie59: bribe someone
AmyTS: Kidnapping for rengo probably won't work