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#345 [+|-] (1)
mschlat [8k]: ah
Uberdude3 [2k]: (so pros agree with you)
elciego [-]: good pros agree with shy
GottaGo [7k]: The pros must be improving

#579 [+|-] (0)
beerslayer: dans 4d and up who lose on time should be penalised one beer
beerslayer: two beers if they were winning
Isildur: According to you every reward and penalty should involve beer. =D
beerslayer: yes beer is very flexible that way
MokiMoki: .....I dislike beer......
beerslayer: dont worry when you go to heaven someday youll like beer and then all
            will be right in heaven
MokiMoki: Naw... I really dont like beer, give me a good rum or vodka.... just no
DrStraw: I think that is enough conversation about beer
MokiMoki: And now onto the new Conversation Topic: "Cookies.....Chocolate Chip or
          Oatmeal Rasien, the Fight continues!"
yithril: Oatmeal Raisin Cookies are from the devil
yithril: they make you all excited over the sugary oatmeal goodness
yithril: and then before you know it
yithril: a mouth fully of nasty raisins
beerslayer: lol
Isildur: I like the raisins. Just not the singing kind.
Isildur: *shudder*
MokiMoki: If you eat a Singing raisin... does it Scream?
yithril: yes, yes it does
yithril: its a sweet sweet sound
Isildur: Moki: Since they're all wrinkled, I'm guessing it Depends.
beerslayer: prunes are wrinkled too but they go pretty fast
Isildur: >_< What have I started.
beerslayer: a movement
Isildur: argggh
Isildur: That was inspired, in a sick way
Isildur: *bows*
beerslayer: lost connection
Isildur: What was the last thing you read?
beerslayer: you bowed gracefully
Isildur: aoh ok, you haven't missed anything
PersonCube: Oh, then:  "Isildur:  I really hate that beerslayer guy!"
beerslayer: lol
Isildur: SHHHH!
Isildur: <_<
Isildur: >_>

#660 [+|-] (0)
Nathaniel: anyone else have rivals?
harukaai: My rival's a shodan!!!!
harukaai: lol just kidding, he's my best friend.
Nathaniel: cool
harukaai: yeah, 'couldn't beat him if I tried.
Nathaniel: same with me
harukaai: coolio. ^^
shindon: ( ninja pops out of no where )
harukaai: how long you been playing?
shindon: duck
harukaai: XD shindon.
shindon: me 1year 8monthes
harukaai: Yes, hun, I know that. I was asking Nathaniel.
shindon: * ninja kills the president*
Nathaniel: yeah
Nathaniel: AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
shindon: oh comon now we have to deal with a bigger idiot as a president
shindon: but still
harukaai: Ah, yes, this is my best friend.
shindon: Woo
Javaness: What is going on here?
MeatHead?: whats the best sgf edit/viewing program?
shindon: hey JAvaness
harukaai: no one really knows, java.
shindon: were just running away from Ninjas
harukaai: You can't run from ninjas.
Cassis0: is kgs admin considered as a president?
Alphons3: you can try
harukaai: true, but you won't succeed.
Alphons3: unless your flash
harukaai: hm... flash vs. ninja. That would be interesting to watch
Alphons3: i think flash would win
shindon: nah
shindon: ninja
harukaai: Ninjas, definately.
shindon: but a pirate beats them all
harukaai: no, hun, they don't.
Alphons3: lol no
jmtandrews: a pirate could only beat a ninja if the ninja was a paraplegic
harukaai: well said.
shindon: no pirates win
shindon: no matter what
Alphons3: nope FMA will destroy all
Javaness: a squirrel would beat a pirate any day
harukaai: YES! Go Java!
shindon: what
shindon: how could you say that
Javaness: because it's true
harukaai: because it's true.
Javaness: see
shindon: i am talking about like a pirates of the Carbiean type of pirate
harukaai: lol
Javaness: you are just asking to be banned
jmtandrews: yeah, we're talking about the real ninja type of ninjas.
Alphons3: lol
shindon: ninjas suck
Alphons3: FMA still wins
jmtandrews: Like the kind that you can't see. ever.
harukaai: Poor shindon, you're losing.
shindon: a cowboy beats them all
Alphons3: no
harukaai: no.
shindon: cow boys could shoot you before you had a chance to clap
harukaai: ninjas always win.
harukaai: end of story
shindon: are ninjas faster then a bullet
shindon: no
Cassis0: I think a pirate with nuts could beat a squirrel
harukaai: hahaha