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#643 [+|-] (1)
blobbel: ah, the players with yellow stars are admin ?
BigDoug: silver and gold five-pointed stars
blobbel: ok thx
themerc: if ya see 4 stars... you spotted a fake one

#415 [+|-] (0)
Warfreak2: in go, it is good when you benefit from your stones dying, so surely the poetic thing would be "it's good he is dead"
blitzkrieg: well i dunno, i wouldn't want to be sacrificed
blitzkrieg: even if it does mean i get thickness on the outside

#701 [+|-] (0)
FireRaven: what is the star next to your name?
FireRaven: muttley
Muttley: stars mean someone is an admin, so if you have a problem you call one of the members with a star
FireRaven: ok
arndt: Muttley, for example
Muttley: They then ban you for causing a problem.
Muttley: and arndt :)
arndt: I'm harsher