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#49 [+|-] (60)
RayFrost [2k]: I played a 3p today... with 9 handicap
RayFrost [2k]: I lost.
RayFrost [2k]: 3p is strong. :|
LazyDragon [3k]: i once played a 5p with 9hc - also lost ...
tellone [2k]: i once played a very drunk 2p who forgot which collor he had
tellone [2k]: and i still lost

#311 [+|-] (0)
ImNoSensei: I killed Sephiroth by invoking kame no itte

#441 [+|-] (0)
norg: I am 9d really
plober: I am 39k really
norg: 39k is strongest
plober: It's a honor title given after starting at the 1-1 point :)
Zvi: 1-1 strong. cannot be invaded