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Tetris [6d]: what is this gross opening ugh

kjh97 [6d]: idk

kjh97 [6d]: i don't know how to play go

Tetris [6d]: agreed

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YoungPro [6d]: but okay he played immediately E4, which is kind of mistake I guess?
Welvang [8d]: e4 is the best answer

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mafutrct [4d]: the corner is a ko due to g18, right?
VIXX [9d?]: cut at d14 before h18, hmm, not easy to answer for w
Move 61
Muttley [-]: good call mafturrct
Muttley [-]: I did my best.
mafutrct [4d]: you forgot like half the consonants
Muttley [-]: I'll let my cat try next

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cekalo: go is about putting stones on a board
cekalo: nothing more
Pagliacci: the first Go game only used 1 stone
Pagliacci: the winner had a big sword :)
TheNextSun: one stone on a one lib board?
bert: no, it is the story about the sword in that stone
Eternauta: I watered a big stone for years but it never grew a sword
TheNextSun: but if we use tewari, we can see that putting a sword in a stone in the first place was not a very good idea

#777 [+|-] (1)
mafutrct [2d]: nerai meint dass die partie seit q9 vorbei ist :(
klausP [3d?]: Matthias war gegen BEnni bei 95% und besser
klausP [3d?]: was nicht gereicht hat.
klausP [3d?]: ich denk du list die Anzeige falsch, wenn du das als "vorbei" liest
mafutrct [2d]: das war auch nicht so bierernst gemeint ;)
klausP [3d?]: bots kennen auch kein bier
klausP [3d?]: eine typische Schwäche
klausP [3d?]: wenn du in miao ein Bier reinschüttest, spielt er immer noch 6d aber leela lässt dann doch sehr schnell nach...

#776 [+|-] (1)
fly [1k]: uh-oh!
fly [1k]: w's gonna live
Move 79
fly [1k]: brutal
fly [1k]: the throw-in
Move 81
mafutrct [-]: i admit i missed the throw in too
Move 82
bert [?]: it is called throw-up in this case

#775 [+|-] (1)
mafutrct [1k]: what is black's level?
Kean [5k]: any sdk
anmollov [5k]: unknown
triangle2: he used 3 sqigglies after hello
triangle2: so that would put him at about 2 dan
mafutrct [1k]: he also used 6 handicap, that would put him near around 2d, too
mafutrct [1k]: so i guess you are right
triangle2: peer review is a good system

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rsun: when there is no hope, resign like the pope

#773 [+|-] (1)
rsun: "Playing go is better than doing nothing at all." -- Confucius
"Do not do to others as you would not wish done to yourself." -- Confucius on mirror go

#772 [+|-] (8)
rsun: Go Seigen was so strong they named the game after him before he was born.

#771 [+|-] (2)
tassel [1k]: in this joseki b dies

#770 [+|-] (2)
xnil: i have good spatial intuition (quoting my teacher) so i think influence suits me
xnil: before, i was so afraid of ever getting cut or invaded
xnil: but now i enjoy it
IIlllIIllo: you like getting cut and invaded?
xnil: yes!
IIlllIIllo: perhaps you should take this to a private room
xnil: lol
Komachi: oh, dear.

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pragmatist:im not filled with omnipotent knowledge; im just sometimes insightful or clever.          coconuts.

#768 [+|-] (1)
[talking about surpassing people]
OoohShiny: usually you just feel sad for people you surpassed... because while your improvement knows no bounds... theirs obviously did

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[19:25] Warfreak2: i am pokale
[19:25] AmyTS: we are all pokale.  he is all of us.
[19:25] Warfreak2: pokale?
[19:25] AmyTS: pokale.
[19:25] lodestone: Hodor.

#766 [+|-] (1)
Warfreak2: america is malfunctioning
Warfreak2: you need to turn it off and on again
Meepy: first let's try pulling out the cartridge and blowing on it

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IIllIIll0: phish phorever
pragmatist: did the phish phind the phernature store at the phar end of town?
IIIllIIll0: i phear not
pragmatist: then how is the phish to live phorever with out a phunny phuton in his phorior?
IIIllIIll0: i dont give a phlying phooey
pragmatist: thats strange, i thought you had strong pheelings here. why else present it on a public phorum?
IIIllIIll0: im a phaker
IIIllIIll0: a fony
pragmatist: oh! way to go.              (mumbling* breaking the pattern...crying shame...)
IIIllIIll0: the pattern was swap all instances of "f" and "ph"
IIIllIIll0: looks like it is none other than you who hath phorked it up
pragmatist: (leans over)         *...i think the bit is done. there are people staring.*
IIIllIIll0: *puts hands in back pocket and strolls along whistling a tune in the air*

#764 [+|-] (4)
rsun: On the board of a kaya tree / I killed you and you killed me / There lie they, and here lie we / On the board of a kaya tree

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dufusgoguy: I'm used to being kicked in the teeth...then being asked why I smile strangely.

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Meepy: i think the 2yr old went to sleep ^^
Meepy: he's been walking around all day telling people every random thought
Meepy: "hi, I'm NOT pooping!"
Meepy: only a 2yr old can greet someone that way

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Jenna: Hey ! We need 2 more people for rengo !
woochie59: bribe someone
AmyTS: Kidnapping for rengo probably won't work

#760 [+|-] (0)
Gotarist: I publicly accuse everyone here of being a nice person !
Gotaris: Stay that way because KGS makes me happy !
r0n1n: Guilty !
JoeSecchi: no public accusations !
r0n1n: Talk to an admin in private if you witness a problem on KGS

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LATE: question: can accusations not be public ?
JoeSecchi: sure... if you contact an admin
Herod *admin* :it would be like calling the cops rather than calling the television station

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OwyheeMud: Good morning, all
AmyTS: coffee ?
OwyM: thank you, two milk , please
AmyTS: * pours coffee, adds two milks, gives to owy*
OwyM: thank you
AmyTS: that'll be $ 45.27

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Debpizza: I will ask an undo when the game is go the time of counting and require to undo till back to the 1st move and resign there
Debpizza: So I could do that on a winning game ?
Marathon: No