#772 [+|-] (3)
rsun: Go Seigen was so strong they named the game after him before he was born.

#771 [+|-] (1)
tassel [1k]: in this joseki b dies

#770 [+|-] (1)
xnil: i have good spatial intuition (quoting my teacher) so i think influence suits me
xnil: before, i was so afraid of ever getting cut or invaded
xnil: but now i enjoy it
IIlllIIllo: you like getting cut and invaded?
xnil: yes!
IIlllIIllo: perhaps you should take this to a private room
xnil: lol
Komachi: oh, dear.

#769 [+|-] (0)
pragmatist:im not filled with omnipotent knowledge; im just sometimes insightful or clever.          coconuts.

#768 [+|-] (0)
[talking about surpassing people]
OoohShiny: usually you just feel sad for people you surpassed... because while your improvement knows no bounds... theirs obviously did

#767 [+|-] (0)
[19:25] Warfreak2: i am pokale
[19:25] AmyTS: we are all pokale.  he is all of us.
[19:25] Warfreak2: pokale?
[19:25] AmyTS: pokale.
[19:25] lodestone: Hodor.

#766 [+|-] (1)
Warfreak2: america is malfunctioning
Warfreak2: you need to turn it off and on again
Meepy: first let's try pulling out the cartridge and blowing on it

#765 [+|-] (0)
IIllIIll0: phish phorever
pragmatist: did the phish phind the phernature store at the phar end of town?
IIIllIIll0: i phear not
pragmatist: then how is the phish to live phorever with out a phunny phuton in his phorior?
IIIllIIll0: i dont give a phlying phooey
pragmatist: thats strange, i thought you had strong pheelings here. why else present it on a public phorum?
IIIllIIll0: im a phaker
IIIllIIll0: a fony
pragmatist: oh! way to go.              (mumbling* breaking the pattern...crying shame...)
IIIllIIll0: the pattern was swap all instances of "f" and "ph"
IIIllIIll0: looks like it is none other than you who hath phorked it up
pragmatist: (leans over)         *...i think the bit is done. there are people staring.*
IIIllIIll0: *puts hands in back pocket and strolls along whistling a tune in the air*

#764 [+|-] (3)
rsun: On the board of a kaya tree / I killed you and you killed me / There lie they, and here lie we / On the board of a kaya tree

#763 [+|-] (0)
dufusgoguy: I'm used to being kicked in the teeth...then being asked why I smile strangely.

#762 [+|-] (0)
Meepy: i think the 2yr old went to sleep ^^
Meepy: he's been walking around all day telling people every random thought
Meepy: "hi, I'm NOT pooping!"
Meepy: only a 2yr old can greet someone that way

#761 [+|-] (0)
Jenna: Hey ! We need 2 more people for rengo !
woochie59: bribe someone
AmyTS: Kidnapping for rengo probably won't work

#760 [+|-] (0)
Gotarist: I publicly accuse everyone here of being a nice person !
Gotaris: Stay that way because KGS makes me happy !
r0n1n: Guilty !
JoeSecchi: no public accusations !
r0n1n: Talk to an admin in private if you witness a problem on KGS

#759 [+|-] (0)
LATE: question: can accusations not be public ?
JoeSecchi: sure... if you contact an admin
Herod *admin* :it would be like calling the cops rather than calling the television station

#758 [+|-] (-1)
OwyheeMud: Good morning, all
AmyTS: coffee ?
OwyM: thank you, two milk , please
AmyTS: * pours coffee, adds two milks, gives to owy*
OwyM: thank you
AmyTS: that'll be $ 45.27

#757 [+|-] (0)
Debpizza: I will ask an undo when the game is go the time of counting and require to undo till back to the 1st move and resign there
Debpizza: So I could do that on a winning game ?
Marathon: No

#756 [+|-] (0)
Garisan: getting so close to sdk (single digit kyu)
MMXV: shhhhhh... don't type too loudly, because the ranking pixies might get annoyed

#755 [+|-] (0)
McMaster: I took the hep C vaccine many years ago after 1 of my uncles passed away due to liver cancer
squimer: cancer sucks, period
Blitzbold: well, my grandma said: ''even the best sicness sucks''

#754 [+|-] (2)
IIIllIIll0: darnit i keep losing
wither: but think about it. someone else keeps winning
wither: youre making the world a better place
IIIllIIll0: hmm
IIIllIIll0: on my back though
wither: welcome to the club
IIIllIIll0: i want to make the world a worser place
wither: it does feel pretty unbalanced at least
IIIllIIll0: man im starting to lose my 3rd game in a row
wither: thats all?
wither: ive lost 10 in a row
IIIllIIll0: see im underachieving even in losing

#753 [+|-] (2)
AcidBurn: lol there is a, never knew
AmyTS: yep
IA: yup
IIIllIIll0: cool website
IIIllIIll0: i never knows
AmyTS: some of the best Amy quotes can be found on kgsbash
AmyTS: i wonder how long it takes before that quote shows up on kgsbash.
AmyTS: or that one

#752 [+|-] (2)
IIIllIIll0: sometimes i feel my life is like a sheet of bubble wrap
IIIllIIll0: except all the bubbles have been popped already

#751 [+|-] (0)
Sherlock: do you ever just read out what bad could happen to a move after you make it
Sherlock: then your opponent does the bad thing
Sherlock: quite rude, i must say

#750 [+|-] (1)
Marathon: museum docent:  this artifcat is 40,003 years old.  // someone on taking the tour:  oh my! how can it be dated so precisely? // docent:  it was 40,000 years old when i started working here, and that was 3 years ago.

#749 [+|-] (2)
alfalfa: yes... it's also interesting that they can stick an elctrode in your brain, give it a little juice, and next thing you know it's your 4th birthday-party again
alfalfa: makes me think it's all electro-chemical
alfalfa: i despise superstition
IIIllIIll0: the 4th birthday party is the pinnacle of life
IIIllIIll0: its all downhill from there
IIIllIIll0: at your 4th eveyrone is telling you "wow life is cupcakes and candles and toys and hugs and kisses"
IIIllIIll0: and you're like, ok im down with that
alfalfa: sugar buzz
IIIllIIll0: then later on the world tells you "oh by the way also you get your ass kicked continuously for the rest of your life then you die. hope the 4th was fun"

#748 [+|-] (0)
Muttley: Ironically, I got an "A" on English literature :))