#3 [+|-] (89)
monk316 [3k?]: no matter what you say on KGS, no matter how true in irrefutable, someone will always contradict you
monk316 [3k?]: you can count on it
pistachio [8k]: not always

#49 [+|-] (63)
RayFrost [2k]: I played a 3p today... with 9 handicap
RayFrost [2k]: I lost.
RayFrost [2k]: 3p is strong. :|
LazyDragon [3k]: i once played a 5p with 9hc - also lost ...
tellone [2k]: i once played a very drunk 2p who forgot which collor he had
tellone [2k]: and i still lost

#47 [+|-] (43)
TheCaptain [4d]: I remember a tournament game once where Sunghwa Hong, Author of Firsty Kyu was playing
TheCaptain [4d]: he was about fifty points ahead and his opponent kept using all his time on 1 pt moves
TheCaptain [4d]: they played right to the bitter end and then his opponent reached for the stones to put them in the middle and resign
TheCaptain [4d]: Sungwha grabbed his hand and said, No, you don't resign after wasting an hour of my time..
TheCaptain [4d]: You count!!

#94 [+|-] (42)
bouncyfun [-]: hmm
bouncyfun [-]: q9 maybe?
orko [3k]: suggesting a move for black here is like suggesting which stroke to use while swimming in a shark tank
orko [3k]: the correct answer is what the heck are you doing in a shark tank

#105 [+|-] (42)
paccap [3d]: thanks
paccap [3d]: My wife came in at this moment, so I had to switch to another window
JeffChang [9d]: oh...

#33 [+|-] (40)
In a high handicap game:
observer: "I wonder what they're thinking?"
taiji: "White: kill stuff, black: omgomgomg"

#342 [+|-] (40)
Morgenes: Was fr ein Zug o.O
SaiC: Ja, das ist mein Kreuzzug!

#16 [+|-] (39)
Warfreak2: you can replay the game on your own computer and read the kibbitz, it will be just like the real thing
Warfreak2: you can even type your own comments and everyone will ignore you, just like the real thing

#56 [+|-] (39)
lepore: ok seriously a robot just escaped on me
RoundTuit: they are getting smarter

#394 [+|-] (36)
EuroGoTV1 [-]: white went to the bathroom
Garfield [?]: euro can u pass the link to watch?
EuroGoTV1 [-]: there is no link to watch the bathroom

#515 [+|-] (34)
Apus: Ну так а что? Ну просчитает машина го.
Apus: Там посмотрим.
swooboo: Да, но тогда надо будет менять коми/добавлять правила
Apus: Я думаю, после того, как машитна это сделает, она встанет, потянется и скажет: слушай, чувак, может, хватит меня эксплуатировать?
swooboo: хехе
Apus: Я разумное существо, давай-ка обговорим мои права :)

#54 [+|-] (33)
adoreme: it is said that kgs has a secret end stage
adoreme: get 9dan
adoreme: and beat 50 9dans in a row
adoreme: then tartrate will appear as the endboss

#118 [+|-] (33)
DanielFox: Oh dark master Cthulhu the all-devouring, please let there be a fondle game today
Javaness: please do not summon Cthulhu in the EGR

#45 [+|-] (32)
DavidB:I am so bad at Go.
shy:do tsumego
DavidB:I'm also bad at tsumego XD
Voidness:looks like you've only been playing a month! That's not bad going, already at 16k. Be kinder to yourself. In a foreign language most folk are lucky if they know a verb or two after a month. In music, most folk can't play a decent song on a guitar or piano after a month. Unless Go is for fools, it shouldn't be a breeze.
DavidB:I've been doing do since 2004 >_>
DavidB:I just haven't been on KGS for a while.
Loons:That inspirational speech backfired ^^

#68 [+|-] (31)
USAplayer [9d]: oh did you guys no :o ko is not said like K...O
USAplayer [9d]: its actually all said as one word XD
USAplayer [9d]: i just figured that out 2 days ago XD

#122 [+|-] (29)
Move 42
Allrighto [4d]: do u ever worry about living?
TheCaptain [4d]: no
TheCaptain [4d]: but I do worry about dying
Move 47
Allrighto [4d]: yeah u better start worrying then=)

#128 [+|-] (29)
Move 81
Javaness [2d]: miao is my official spokesman
Move 87
Javaness [2d]: if he tells you that you are banned please log out

#399 [+|-] (29)
Egad:i played go to get away from problems, then i found and gave up

#61 [+|-] (27)
A: does anyone know how i can set up a tournament?
B: get some friends together ^^
A: does anyone wanna be my friend?

#81 [+|-] (25)
KaliYuga [8k]: i'm looking for a book that will help me with my opening, anybody know one?
tetris [-]: try otake--Opening Theory Made Easy
tetris [-]: it's easy to read and it's in 20 parts, each headed with a good proverb
GW [4d]: I don't want simple to understand :P
GW [4d]: I like the complicated stuff
tetris [-]: well, i wouldn't rule out a book just because i could understand it

#52 [+|-] (23)
tiger32k [7k]: idk why people even bother going for corners
tiger32k [7k]: no matter what you do there is always a way in

#190 [+|-] (23)
doviende: i always thought tesuji were more like reading the in "that's a strange position, but it appears to work well"

#13 [+|-] (21)
Cassis0 [5d]: double sente for white or for black?

#22 [+|-] (21)
calib: wer ist Joseki?
Mutenroshi: japanischer bundeskanzler 1843-1874

#44 [+|-] (15)
gogonuts [5d]: miai: there is a hotdog and a hamburger, but only one dessert, so you chose the dessert first