#59 [+|-] (3)
[Name Withheld]: Has anyone else here ever had the feeling of *knowing* they're stronger than most of the opponents they've lost to?
[Name Withheld]: like, at least 90% of them, over a period of months at a time?
maladroit: No.
scum: you aren't strong enough, until you stop blundering
[Name Withheld]: because I can't remember the last time I didn't feel like that.
scum: discipline is the most important component of strength
holynec: yes [Name Withheld]
holynec: you play agame and you're winning and then you forget about a group and lose
holynec: ^^
horacelamb: I know what you're talking about but scum is right
Nyanjilla: so start a new account and see if you really are stronger
[Name Withheld]: how would that help? I'd only face the same opponents.
scum: your positional judgement might be superior, but if you can't see things thru tactically
maladroit: Incisive, as ever.
scum: you aren't really better
Nyanjilla: with a new account, your rank would move faster
[Name Withheld]: but I'm losing most of my games recently.
Nyanjilla: uh....
Arroc: You are losing... and convinced that you are stronger?
[Name Withheld]: yes.
Nyanjilla: o-o-o-o-o-o-o-kay... you have a different problem, then