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werewolf: hi
kikos: -glumples-
LillyColak: ? whats glumple?
werewolf: *pries kikos off and bops kikos*
LillyColak: *_*
werewolf: hug+glomp=glumple
werewolf: i think
LillyColak: oh
LillyColak: i don't mind
LillyColak: i like glomping
LillyColak: ~_~
werewolf: *throws kikos at lilly* go glomp her when you want to glomp somebody
kikos: but idk her :O
werewolf: so get to know her
kikos: >.>
LillyColak: *while theyre at fighting watches a movie*
LillyColak: with popcorn
LillyColak: and sips on soda
werewolf: >.>
shy: a movie of them fighting? :D
kikos: shy XD