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KawaiiNeko [tells someone who posted a ranked game]: no rated games in KTL plz make it free or move it to another room~
nugatory: psst, rated games and KTL don't mix
Nyanjilla: tell him in the game offer, not here
nugatory: eh, some people don't read things in the game offer
KawaiiNeko: i'll pm him~
nogotalent: i pm'd him
Nyanjilla: hehehehehe... he must've been inundated with "ping"s
nogotalent: he didn't answer
KawaiiNeko: he answered to me~
KawaiiNeko: gosh im so popular :p~
nogotalent: he answered me too
nogotalent: said he was sorry
KawaiiNeko: the one time that i felt special~~~~
nogotalent: haha
nogotalent: ok i made it up, he never said a word :)