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#776 [+|-] (1)
fly [1k]: uh-oh!
fly [1k]: w's gonna live
Move 79
fly [1k]: brutal
fly [1k]: the throw-in
Move 81
mafutrct [-]: i admit i missed the throw in too
Move 82
bert [?]: it is called throw-up in this case

#777 [+|-] (1)
mafutrct [2d]: nerai meint dass die partie seit q9 vorbei ist :(
klausP [3d?]: Matthias war gegen BEnni bei 95% und besser
klausP [3d?]: was nicht gereicht hat.
klausP [3d?]: ich denk du list die Anzeige falsch, wenn du das als "vorbei" liest
mafutrct [2d]: das war auch nicht so bierernst gemeint ;)
klausP [3d?]: bots kennen auch kein bier
klausP [3d?]: eine typische Schwäche
klausP [3d?]: wenn du in miao ein Bier reinschüttest, spielt er immer noch 6d aber leela lässt dann doch sehr schnell nach...

#778 [+|-] (0)
cekalo: go is about putting stones on a board
cekalo: nothing more
Pagliacci: the first Go game only used 1 stone
Pagliacci: the winner had a big sword :)
TheNextSun: one stone on a one lib board?
bert: no, it is the story about the sword in that stone
Eternauta: I watered a big stone for years but it never grew a sword
TheNextSun: but if we use tewari, we can see that putting a sword in a stone in the first place was not a very good idea

#779 [+|-] (0)
mafutrct [4d]: the corner is a ko due to g18, right?
VIXX [9d?]: cut at d14 before h18, hmm, not easy to answer for w
Move 61
Muttley [-]: good call mafturrct
Muttley [-]: I did my best.
mafutrct [4d]: you forgot like half the consonants
Muttley [-]: I'll let my cat try next

#780 [+|-] (0)
YoungPro [6d]: but okay he played immediately E4, which is kind of mistake I guess?
Welvang [8d]: e4 is the best answer

#781 [+|-] (0)

Tetris [6d]: what is this gross opening ugh

kjh97 [6d]: idk

kjh97 [6d]: i don't know how to play go

Tetris [6d]: agreed

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