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#726 [+|-] (0)
Strange dialogue:
arndt: hegoak ebaki banizkion
arndt: ez duzu euskal hitz egiten
woochie59: wow, nice swahili admin
arndt: de gårjunte å ha nåt hemlit längre när vemsomhelst kan översätta me google
woochie59: this must be in some aztek or samoa language :)
arndt: indeed
woochie59: I won, didn't I ?

#727 [+|-] (2)
alobar: dont insult any boers behind my back now. cheers lads.
cekalo: i promise
bert: i too promise to not insult bears
mateoxx59: never insult a cool beer

#728 [+|-] (0)
Loosky: i wonder what the female male ratio is for kgs
Javaness: low and getting lower
Kretzsche: why getting lower?
Hatate: i think no one knows that ratio..
woochie59: I wonder the ratio of pregnant ones
capgun: Wow, that's a weird comment to come in on....
capgun: Not that there isn't a precedent for strange comments on this server
woochie59: I hope it doesn't sound rude. sorry
gonegoing: i missed it: repeat plz
gonegoing: i doubt it was rude as long as not specifically ad hominem

#729 [+|-] (2)
twoeye 7d vs Hedopom 6d (this is important)

Move 117
active [1k]: on an unrelated note, will the freudian kerning issue ever be fixed on KGS?
Move 119
Muttley [2k]: freudian kerning issue?
Move 121
active [1k]: rn = m
Move 122
Muttley [2k]: that really helps
Muttley [2k]: oh, I got you :)
active [1k]: R N = M
Move 123
Muttley [2k]: :))
Move 126
active [1k]: it is difficult to read text sometimes
Move 127
Muttley [2k]: yes, it is, and probably not
Move 130
active [1k]: i'll get banned if i point it out?

#730 [+|-] (0)
maproomad: It is much better in Ireland than in England
Siller: Warmer and drier in Italy
maproomad: And still no-one will tell me why it is that if you pour a pint of draught Guinness and watch it carefully, you see the bubbles going downwards
alfalfa: nitrogen is heavier than air, that's all
alfalfa: so the nitrogen is simply falling
maproomad: that makes as much sense as any explanation I have heard

#731 [+|-] (0)
Sheriffi: molecules expand molecules exist
Sheriffi: I'm a molecule
arndt: a molekyul?
Sheriffi: can u ban urself
Sheriffi: thx
bert: what language is that, arndt?
stumped: I doubt its one
bert: sounds somewhat turkish to me
woochie59: it looks like swahili
arndt: you have not seen the word kyu?
arndt: I somehow don't believe that

#732 [+|-] (0)
tomicus: I tell you I'm going AFK and you still throw links at me
Sheriffi: and u click them
Sheriffi: and listen to them
Sheriffi: and I am ur god

#733 [+|-] (-1)
tomicus: there's too much stuff on this laptop, I can't find anything
tomicus: I have a folder named "stuff", yea, that's helpfull

#734 [+|-] (1)
Move 1
eastwisdom [6d]: hi
cloudnotes [9d]: hi
Move 24
active [1k]: i always read it as "eats wisdom"
Move 25
maher139 [1d]: lol
gentoo [-]: mmmm, wisdom..
Aloring [9k]: i prefer the taste of sweet innocence
Move 28
active [1k]: really, for years i was sure that was their name
Move 32
active [1k]: then one time i read it correctly and thought, ha, fake account

#735 [+|-] (1)
mabblebrox: everybody knows KGS sucks, that's why we keep logging in again, and again, and again ....
stringbean: because it feels so good when we log off?

#736 [+|-] (0)
Potter: i got hit in the face
Potter: like 3 times
McMaster: You gotta have some confidence, Melty.
TitanPupil: by the golden snitch??
Potter: and my studies? well
TitanPupil: or a goban?
Potter: nah, a goban
TitanPupil: ah i see
Potter: you can view my mind, titan
TitanPupil: i shall
Potter: anyways
Gozoozle: how in the face?
Potter: my studies? all o's.
TitanPupil: such that tengen hit your left nostril, yes?
Potter: of course, gozoozle, anywhere else wouldn't be newsworthy

#737 [+|-] (2)
Beyonce: Go people are much rarer than ch*ss people, which is a great pity
stumped: huh ?
Beyonce: Actually I must confess to be playing ch*ss now. It's so much easier than Go
IIIllIIll0: do you worship chess so can not write the full name
IIIllIIll0: sort of like g-d
arndt: it's an affection
Beyonce: I am worried about upsetting any children that may be here
arndt: what would you expect from Beyonce?
arndt: or cé or something
Beyonce: I don't want to expose them to the evil that is ch*ss

#738 [+|-] (1)
Nyanjilla and arndt are admins on kgs.
FishJump: Nyanjilla, what's your rank ?
Nyanjilla: depends
Uberdude: on how recently you showered ?
Nyanjilla: corner !
arndt: I knew there was something I had forgotten
vaansama: all admin are professionnal
sanguine: [ insert escaper gripe here ]
Nyanjilla: [ insert copy'n'paste of URL of escaper page here ]
Uberdude: [insert coin to continue]
sanguine: yup...sigh.  Just wish he hadn't let his clock drain away those last 7 minutes before running with 13 sec. left.
dsaun: [kick machine after inserting coin]
sanguine: Do you have an escaper poem dsaun ?

#739 [+|-] (4)
Move 18
okiol [-]: streangth is for the evil mastermind, i prefer to think of myself as the hardworking underdog
Move 19
Potter [16k]: i like to think of myself as the guy who dies everywhere
Move 20
Potter [16k]: every movie he's in he dies in a stupid way

#740 [+|-] (0)
Move 3
Misteri [5k]: Walls!
Move 5
awesome [3k]: r12
Move 6
ofir271 [3k]: knock knock
Muttley [2k]: go act!
Move 15
Muttley [2k]: taisha this.
Move 32
Higanbana [?]: this white so strong
Move 36
ofir271 [3k]: specialize in blitz too
Move 39
Muttley [2k]: all smoke and mirrors
Move 41
ofir271 [3k]: and walls
Move 45
Misteri [5k]: he's actually pretty weak at arm wrestling
Move 60
Muttley [2k]: I bet his goldfish left him
Move 63
ofir271 [3k]: lol
Move 64
WillKablam [2k]: my first love was a wall, but it couldn't stand me
Move 75
big [7k]: there's a gloryhole joke in there somewhere. :X
Move 76
Babibo [2d?]: ah tricked !
Move 77
Muttley [2k]: probably not on kgs though :)

#741 [+|-] (3)
anewtry [1d]: but its aga rules, how does it diffr on counting from japanese?
Move 266
Adtran [6k]: in AGA each player rolls a D20 for bonus points

#742 [+|-] (1)
Warfreak2 [4d]: always play on the right side of the board ♫
Warfreak2 [4d]: i had an account where i only ever played in the L column or further to the right, using chinese rules
Warfreak2 [4d]: a guaranteed losing strategy so long as the opponent doesn't resign
Warfreak2 [4d]: i even wrote in my profile that that's what i was doing
Warfreak2 [4d]: i got to 8k

#743 [+|-] (3)
clydesdale: it's cooled down up here in Glasgow
woochie59: is it a good time to wear a kilt ?
IIIllIIll0: depends on if you have attractive legs
clydesdale: my parents used to dress me in a kilt to go to sunday school - i didn't like it, i have to say
woochie59: sunday school ? 'week-end' isn't available up there ?
clydesdale: church school
stumped: I bet you were cute as hell. Any pictures ?
clydesdale: aw shucks
woochie59: may I ask if you had assorted ribbons to the kilt ?
IIIllIIll0: hopefully pink
woochie59: tie a yellow ribbon round the old, old kilt...
clydesdale: easy there guys!

#744 [+|-] (0)
migliore: KGS admins have rights alienable by superadmins
migliore: such is the pecking order
darkrabbit: as apparently spanish government officials
AmyTS: migliore, are you an adminologist?
dsaun: yes; i like the way admins glow under UV light

#745 [+|-] (3)
IIIllIIll0: if i have a date and i only have $10 can i make it work
First: sure
IIIllIIll0: could go to $3 matinee and have enough left over for popcorn
First: you give me 10 dollars
First: and we call it a date
IIIllIIll0: im not surprised

#746 [+|-] (1)
Muttley is a senior admin on KG
migliore: muttley never sleeps
Muttley: sleep is for the weak.
migliore: i think muttley is the true force behind the google search engine
migliore: he just types out the answers very fast
migliore: and in spare time, admins KGS
AmyTS: google is powered by pigeons
migliore: ergo, muttley is a pigeon

#747 [+|-] (0)

dsaun: I had a rank // but then I fell // I might be stronger // who can tell? // I lost a game // that's not so swell // But if I win // I then surmise // Who knows? My rank // may start to rise! // And rise and rise, until you see // I'm actually as strong as Lee! ☺

#748 [+|-] (0)
Muttley: Ironically, I got an "A" on English literature :))

#749 [+|-] (2)
alfalfa: yes... it's also interesting that they can stick an elctrode in your brain, give it a little juice, and next thing you know it's your 4th birthday-party again
alfalfa: makes me think it's all electro-chemical
alfalfa: i despise superstition
IIIllIIll0: the 4th birthday party is the pinnacle of life
IIIllIIll0: its all downhill from there
IIIllIIll0: at your 4th eveyrone is telling you "wow life is cupcakes and candles and toys and hugs and kisses"
IIIllIIll0: and you're like, ok im down with that
alfalfa: sugar buzz
IIIllIIll0: then later on the world tells you "oh by the way also you get your ass kicked continuously for the rest of your life then you die. hope the 4th was fun"

#750 [+|-] (1)
Marathon: museum docent:  this artifcat is 40,003 years old.  // someone on taking the tour:  oh my! how can it be dated so precisely? // docent:  it was 40,000 years old when i started working here, and that was 3 years ago.

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