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#33 [+|-] (40)
In a high handicap game:
observer: "I wonder what they're thinking?"
taiji: "White: kill stuff, black: omgomgomg"

#34 [+|-] (2)
Cornel [7d]: well..
Cornel [7d]: mid game is about feelin and intuition many times
Cornel [7d]: you get that feeling replaying pro games
Cornel [7d]: in my case it helped
Hellhuman [1k]: Maybe i should play when im horny
Hellhuman [1k]: have good feeling then
Hellhuman [1k]: ^.^v
Cornel [7d]: no no, better fuck girlfriend in that case then play :)
Hellhuman [1k]: to relaxed after :3
Cornel [7d]: and lazy too :)

#35 [+|-] (2)
mafutrct: ardesh, in google reader geht das.. so halbwegs
zerozero: wofon redest du?
ardesh: mhh
ardesh: da kann ich auch n andern newsreader nehmen
ardesh: die blogeinträge umsortieren
Kayres: wofon
Kayres: k
Kayres: jetzt hab ich augenkrebs :(

#36 [+|-] (3)
[geht um Haustiere]

Yumiko: ich hatte auch ma n kaninchen <3
Yumiko: es lebte aba net lange .-. aba es war sehr lecker <3

#37 [+|-] (8)
ki: hello your royal hineass
ki: *highness

#38 [+|-] (0)
Nowaki: holz is schuld o_o
mafutrct: was is holz?
Woodstock: lol
Nowaki: xDDD
Nowaki: mafu xD
Nowaki: die frage is geil xD
mafutrct: steht das für woodi oder für was anderes?
Nowaki: für woodie jah xD

#39 [+|-] (8)
BeachBabe [?]: i think i did good till i started to fall apart
lovegrowth [2d?]: thats common

#40 [+|-] (3)
Sandmann: I like to moyo moyo   <(°_°<)
Sandmann: I like to moyo moyo      (>°_°)>
Sandmann: I like to moyo moyo  <(°_°<)
Sandmann: I like to... MOYO         ⁻(°_°)⁻

#41 [+|-] (1)
(Ono is wondering about Lewo's rank graph)

Ono: your rank graph goes from 3k to 1d in one day, how come?

Vandraren: he was holding back his true power until that day :D

#42 [+|-] (6)
japaspider: i do brain surgery (not very well)

#43 [+|-] (6)
shy: it was a server crash
Egad: well, at least my pic is up now
shy: that you?
Egad: yeah
shy: can't you try to look more like an anime girl?
Egad: it didnt show up in the picture, but i was weaving a spell with my hands
shy: oh cool
Darklink: xD
shy: then its ok

#44 [+|-] (15)
gogonuts [5d]: miai: there is a hotdog and a hamburger, but only one dessert, so you chose the dessert first

#45 [+|-] (32)
DavidB: I am so bad at Go.
shy: do tsumego
DavidB: I'm also bad at tsumego XD
Voidness: looks like you've only been playing a month! That's not bad going, already at 16k. Be kinder to yourself. In a foreign language most folk are lucky if they know a verb or two after a month. In music, most folk can't play a decent song on a guitar or piano after a month. Unless Go is for fools, it shouldn't be a breeze.
DavidB: I've been doing do since 2004 >_>
DavidB: I just haven't been on KGS for a while.
Loons: That inspirational speech backfired ^^

#46 [+|-] (1)
Lya: spinnen sind süß <3

#47 [+|-] (43)
TheCaptain [4d]: I remember a tournament game once where Sunghwa Hong, Author of Firsty Kyu was playing
TheCaptain [4d]: he was about fifty points ahead and his opponent kept using all his time on 1 pt moves
TheCaptain [4d]: they played right to the bitter end and then his opponent reached for the stones to put them in the middle and resign
TheCaptain [4d]: Sungwha grabbed his hand and said, No, you don't resign after wasting an hour of my time..
TheCaptain [4d]: You count!!

#48 [+|-] (6)
Sweetfairy: my teacher left me with homework....and idk what to do!
Sweetfairy: ><
werewolf: how about u do ur hw?

#49 [+|-] (63)
RayFrost [2k]: I played a 3p today... with 9 handicap
RayFrost [2k]: I lost.
RayFrost [2k]: 3p is strong. :|
LazyDragon [3k]: i once played a 5p with 9hc - also lost ...
tellone [2k]: i once played a very drunk 2p who forgot which collor he had
tellone [2k]: and i still lost

#50 [+|-] (1)
Guichocha?: there should be a 30-second byo-yomi period for everyone in the EGR; it resets every time you contribute to the chat. If you run out of byo-yomi, you get booted off the server.

#51 [+|-] (1)
Emperor: there is this chinese legend of Traw Ling, a demon who lives under bridges
floss: do tell
Emperor: you can continue :-)
NoKnott: and his nemesis, Boo Ting

#52 [+|-] (23)
tiger32k [7k]: idk why people even bother going for corners
tiger32k [7k]: no matter what you do there is always a way in

#53 [+|-] (14)
tempo: what is cap on a cap called if white has a half board moyo with the side hoshi and you play the 6th line cap on his 4th line stone and then he plays 8th line cap on your capping stone. Is there a name for this?
tywin: Optimism.

#54 [+|-] (33)
adoreme: it is said that kgs has a secret end stage
adoreme: get 9dan
adoreme: and beat 50 9dans in a row
adoreme: then tartrate will appear as the endboss

#56 [+|-] (39)
lepore: ok seriously a robot just escaped on me
RoundTuit: they are getting smarter

#57 [+|-] (5)
cjalden: it would be nice if you registered, Hikaru9999 - so I wouldn't have to re-enter censor every time you're on

#58 [+|-] (3)
Move 265
karimk 22k?: kill the stuff that is dead
karimk 22k?: so
karimk 22k?: we can count
mafizzle 30k?: sure

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