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#59 [+|-] (3)
[Name Withheld]: Has anyone else here ever had the feeling of *knowing* they're stronger than most of the opponents they've lost to?
[Name Withheld]: like, at least 90% of them, over a period of months at a time?
maladroit: No.
scum: you aren't strong enough, until you stop blundering
[Name Withheld]: because I can't remember the last time I didn't feel like that.
scum: discipline is the most important component of strength
holynec: yes [Name Withheld]
holynec: you play agame and you're winning and then you forget about a group and lose
holynec: ^^
horacelamb: I know what you're talking about but scum is right
Nyanjilla: so start a new account and see if you really are stronger
[Name Withheld]: how would that help? I'd only face the same opponents.
scum: your positional judgement might be superior, but if you can't see things thru tactically
maladroit: Incisive, as ever.
scum: you aren't really better
Nyanjilla: with a new account, your rank would move faster
[Name Withheld]: but I'm losing most of my games recently.
Nyanjilla: uh....
Arroc: You are losing... and convinced that you are stronger?
[Name Withheld]: yes.
Nyanjilla: o-o-o-o-o-o-o-kay... you have a different problem, then

#60 [+|-] (6)
Club2 [13k]: i play much better when i think a lot
hikaru1126 [12k]: me too

#61 [+|-] (27)
A: does anyone know how i can set up a tournament?
B: get some friends together ^^
A: does anyone wanna be my friend?

#62 [+|-] (8)
Meepy: nobody thinks about the ants' feelings T_T
NannyOgg: excuse me ? I hope you will be an ANT in your next life!
ImNoSensei: they have feelers !
Meepy: good point

#63 [+|-] (0)
Psychopomp: when did hella become a word?
m3rcury: yesterday around noon i think.
cassiopeia: yeah, when i went to bed it wasn't a word

#64 [+|-] (1)
narutard: naruto is cooler
sasukecool: the naruto is waek ninja
sasukecool: sasake is coolast
Oloril: Lies! Hikaru is the coolest! He flies the Enterprise.
narutard: ??
sasukecool: naruto weeker then polar beer
Oloril: Hikaru Sulu, watch more Star Trek.

#65 [+|-] (8)
Kvothe: life is awesome
hilomi: life is an asshole
glue: please
G13: life has its lows and lows
G13: when you're down, you feel like you'll never be up again
NorthWind: in a latest poll, a majority said it was better than the alternative

#66 [+|-] (0)
Sibahi: i guess i will never be Shusaku
elefunt: it would be very tough to become someone who is dead

#67 [+|-] (5)
Move 3
[Kibitzer]: white ahead?

#68 [+|-] (31)
USAplayer [9d]: oh did you guys no :o ko is not said like K...O
USAplayer [9d]: its actually all said as one word XD
USAplayer [9d]: i just figured that out 2 days ago XD

#70 [+|-] (2)
silentsnow: reality is what you do with this world :)
Warfreak2: yes, and soon a norwegian hacker will work out how to live your life exactly the way you want to
DudeG: those Norwegian hackers are true Zen masters.
Warfreak2: there's only one norwegian hacker, he just does a whole country's worth of hacking by himself
DudeG: He is Legion.
Avon: and he goes by the name Sven
Warfreak2: Jon
Avon: Sven Jon Svenson
silentsnow: would he be so kind to change some rankings here?

#72 [+|-] (9)
A: White's thickness goes to waste
B: My thickness goes to my waist too :-)

#75 [+|-] (1)
UTDEspy: Anyone 6-16k want a teaching game?
firstaid: 3k is offering review or a teaching game :)
wossname: 1d looking for love. enjoys romantic candlelight dinners and long walks on the beach
yardbo: after you take out the garbage, mister!

#76 [+|-] (3)
Move 23
McBurton [20k]: Your thoughts thus far, gentlemen?
Move 24
tetris [-]: and lady :)
fumbler [3k]: my upper walls are strong enough that i don't really need to worry about them yet
camacho [8k]: ? who's a lady, and how can you tell?
Move 25
tetris [-]: i am, and i can tell by looking in the mirror

#77 [+|-] (3)
Uberdude3: awww, i feel like a 30k again
Uberdude3: my opponent misread a ladder and played it all across the board - those were the days!
Nyanjilla: I'm sure he's delighted to see you report that here....
Uberdude3: me too - he made me have fond memories

#78 [+|-] (0)
saiclone: I like to review SGF games much like I watch adult films
saiclone: I don't understand either
saiclone: but I'm kinda in awe

#79 [+|-] (4)
base: does anyone know how expensive a go school in korea is?
maladroit: You want to buy one, base?

#80 [+|-] (4)
japaspider: is it only me or does politics look like blind monkeys trying to find a corner on a sphere? :3

#81 [+|-] (25)
KaliYuga [8k]: i'm looking for a book that will help me with my opening, anybody know one?
tetris [-]: try otake--Opening Theory Made Easy
tetris [-]: it's easy to read and it's in 20 parts, each headed with a good proverb
GW [4d]: I don't want simple to understand :P
GW [4d]: I like the complicated stuff
tetris [-]: well, i wouldn't rule out a book just because i could understand it

#82 [+|-] (3)
Astone: Have not seen you in a while!
LunaSlave: yeah i've not been around
Astone: makes sense :)

#83 [+|-] (4)
KawaiiNeko [tells someone who posted a ranked game]: no rated games in KTL plz make it free or move it to another room~
nugatory: psst, rated games and KTL don't mix
Nyanjilla: tell him in the game offer, not here
nugatory: eh, some people don't read things in the game offer
KawaiiNeko: i'll pm him~
nogotalent: i pm'd him
Nyanjilla: hehehehehe... he must've been inundated with "ping"s
nogotalent: he didn't answer
KawaiiNeko: he answered to me~
KawaiiNeko: gosh im so popular :p~
nogotalent: he answered me too
nogotalent: said he was sorry
KawaiiNeko: the one time that i felt special~~~~
nogotalent: haha
nogotalent: ok i made it up, he never said a word :)

#84 [+|-] (6)
During Guo Juan's Ing Go School? Lectures (20050619)

olczyk [16k]: Haiku players?
muarw [-]: high kyu
Jakobicek [9k?]: lol
liquis [15k]: heh

#85 [+|-] (2)
dsaun [1d?]: b had to connect
ketchup [-]: i was thinking about it but never did
ketchup [-]: yay for bad decisions!
dsaun [1d?]: connecting is better than thinking of connecting :)

#86 [+|-] (7)
Ubiquity [?]: look at all that black territory
Ian2 [?]: I'm just leasing it
Ian2 [?]: and I had to pay a two-corner security deposit

#87 [+|-] (3)
JMEdwards: rayen you up in the meantime?
rayen: w00t ?
rayen: gmt ?
JMEdwards: ..(a) match
rayen: oh sure

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