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#88 [+|-] (1)
wicket: that's how these blitz players win their games :)
ziman: time is a crucial factor though
wicket: the key is to be losing in the middle game, then they can't rip you off

#89 [+|-] (2)
cynewulf: ELIMINATE!
QuickStudy: ERADICATE!
yangster [helpfully]: VANQUISH!
cynewulf: no no no has to start with e and end with -ate
yangster: that's pretty strict
waykay: e*ate
waykay: done now.
yangster: EXTIRPATE!
cynewulf: this is serious business
yangster: is that one ok?
cynewulf: yep
yangster: :)
yangster: EXCORIATE!
yangster: maybe you should require 4 syllables too
yangster: EVISCERATE!
cynewulf: mm yeah, the meter should match
QuickStudy: I think I've hit a wall
yangster: me too... does it have to mean destroy in some way?
cynewulf: yeah, something related
yangster: ENERVATE isn't cruel enough
yangster: also too short
yangster: ELABORATE is just all wrong for this
yangster: there are a lot of ways to mess it up
yangster: ENUMERATE.... couldn't we have different meanings?
cynewulf: hehe
QuickStudy: ELIMIDATE!
yangster: haha
yangster: sorry

#90 [+|-] (8)
josh: nighteyes is a bot i wrote, steve. he's pretty advanced for a bot.
Nighteyes: I am not a bot... such a low term. I prefer to think of myself as an AI.

#91 [+|-] (4)
ewatran123: what dos KGS stand for? Kilograms???
Coalis: LOLLL
ewatran123: i'm serious! what is it?

#92 [+|-] (5)
dsaun [1k]: ok, proverb says: "urgent moves before big moves"
Warfreak2 [1k]: and also, big moves before small moves
dsaun [1k]: thaaaanks Wf :)
Warfreak2 [1k]: ;-P
dsaun [1k]: same thing as shygost's list
dsaun [1k]: am i ok? is he ok? what's big?
dsaun [1k]: so...
HamatoYosh [2k]: small move before pass

#93 [+|-] (7)
sinful1: woot, successfully prevented another game from entering yose!
Lynx: resigned?
sinful1: yeah
MrShintou: phew

#94 [+|-] (42)
bouncyfun [-]: hmm
bouncyfun [-]: q9 maybe?
orko [3k]: suggesting a move for black here is like suggesting which stroke to use while swimming in a shark tank
orko [3k]: the correct answer is what the heck are you doing in a shark tank

#95 [+|-] (6)
Move 1
lowhand [3d]: hi
Move 2
dezomb [2d]: hi
Move 3
lowhand [3d]: where are you from?
Move 5
dezomb [2d]: earth
Move 7
lowhand [3d]: where are you go?
Move 16
dezomb [2d]: picnic

#96 [+|-] (2)
semicolon: boo boo off the stage boo
miles: wowow a nick of semicolon!!!!!
miles: incredible!
semicolon: huh?
miles: you have an awesome nick... i was gonna do a punctuation mark for myself, but you have the greatest one
semicolon: oh
semicolon: i thought maybe you were one of my adoring fans
semicolon: alas...
miles: i am!
miles: oh, not of your play, sorry
miles: but that will come, don't worry

#97 [+|-] (1)
Anonymous: When TheCaptain plays sum, "Divide & Conquer" becomes "Duck & Cover"!

#98 [+|-] (-2)
(Vandraren ist gerad 4k geworden)
zavion [2k]: heute noch 3k? ;)
Vandraren [4k]: hm ne, eher morgen
Vandraren [4k]: hab noch training :D
Ensiferum [-]: oh man

#99 [+|-] (3)
Kvothe: whats eurogotv?
moonpig: A tv channel. about go. in europe.
moonpig: hint: the name.. the etymology of eurogotv was designed to be simple :P

#100 [+|-] (1)
Kingu: mon Dieu, j'ai failli rater le championnat de rep tchèque de rengo !
fanfan: qu'est qui vaut la peine de ne pas être raté?
Holmes: le civet de lapin

#101 [+|-] (0)
Koffein: Fischer Fritz frisst frische Fische. Frische Fische frisst Fischer Fritz.

#102 [+|-] (5)
Egad: i'm pretty sure people are just spamming my craigslist ad
Egad: i posted a guitar for sale and someone just asked how many miles it had on it

#103 [+|-] (11)
Empiror: i am a doctor of go
Uvas: O.O
Uvas: doc, my tesujis are killing me!
Aurak: let me take a peep
Nyanjilla: take three stones and see me in the morning
Empiror: eat a dragon, u will be cured
what: afraid your HMO only covers sabaki

#104 [+|-] (2)
godspeed: that sounded like cat stevens
ImNoSensei: you know he went crazy?
ImNoSensei: denied all his work, including the rights on his songs
godspeed: i knew he went muslim, but crazy, no
ImNoSensei: well, he went pretty far muslim
ImNoSensei: like integrist muslim
godspeed: o_O
WellDuh: they believe in the integers?

#105 [+|-] (42)
paccap [3d]: thanks
paccap [3d]: My wife came in at this moment, so I had to switch to another window
JeffChang [9d]: oh...

#106 [+|-] (4)
Silkentoes: People have lectures in the shower?
vroom: yes
vroom: but I can't talk about details without getting banned

#108 [+|-] (4)
Shaolee: help! emergency!
Shaolee: my opponent , he stoped respond
Shaolee: and he is very old
Shaolee: im afraid he got some heart attack or even worse
Shaolee: what should i do/

#109 [+|-] (3)
MtM6556: Question if I win against someone of my rank shouldn't my rank go up? so long as it was a ranked game?
apoca: yes
Virag0: it goes up a few decimal points each win
MtM6556: there are decimals?
Nighteyes: the more games you win the fewer decimal points it goes up
yoyoma: yes but they're secret :)
MtM6556: wow, learn something new everyday
Virag0: yes. but they only show on the graph ( sort of)
Hu: No, MtM6556, not necessarily. Rank is an integer floor function of rating which is a Real number (think decimal number).
Nyanjilla: not secret---look in the help files
Nyanjilla: specifically this:
yoyoma: That page is only a milestone on the long journey of understanding the kgs ratings. Butterflies in Brasil can change your rating. :D

#110 [+|-] (6)
student [?]: yes n2 is simple
Lyonweiqi [3p]: n2 was losing move

#111 [+|-] (2)
Budro: well somone invite me to a game i havent played in years
maladroit: How do we know which game you haven't played in years, Budro?

#112 [+|-] (4)
aussiemate: in English Kyu is sometimes preceeded by than

#113 [+|-] (3)
kokoda: nan mé sans hikaru no go jauré jamai konnu ce jeu
kokoda: cété le destin
Durgrim: C'est ça le drame du go

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