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#699 [+|-] (1)
Nibbler: How can I get an admin?
foodnow: talk to him in pm
RoundTuit: look for a five-pointed star in the list on the right
amadis: sort the list by rank, they are usually on the bottom (unranked)
Hatate: bottom of sea
RoundTuit: or put them on your Buddy list
zxbnm: so it's just mclovin?
woochie59: usually they are on the censored list
Hesorgem: right

#700 [+|-] (1)
alobar: i cannot play scrabble at all.
alobar: freaks me out that i lose to people who are semi literate and too drunk to stand.
tomicus: I don't recall playing you
IIIllIIll0: tommycus is funie
IIIllIIll0: he's a delightful chap indeed
alobar: you were too drunk to remember tom.
alobar: bar you should go meet tom. he is an upstanding fellow.
Sheriffi: he's stupid

#701 [+|-] (0)
FireRaven: what is the star next to your name?
FireRaven: muttley
Muttley: stars mean someone is an admin, so if you have a problem you call one of the members with a star
FireRaven: ok
arndt: Muttley, for example
Muttley: They then ban you for causing a problem.
Muttley: and arndt :)
arndt: I'm harsher

#702 [+|-] (1)
Muttley is an admin on KGS.
First: it is impossible to ban muttley
First: because he is under my protection
First: you see
First: muttley is both my mentor and protégé
Kretzsche: which one was first ?
First: hard to tell, like with the chicken and the egg
First: but I have the name advantage though

#703 [+|-] (2)
tomicus: fi fi, talk to me or I may be forced to go upstairs and do work
chid0ri: what about?
tomicus: I normally just get insults from fi fi, it's entertaning
tomicus: oh, and links to absurd videos too

#704 [+|-] (-1)
Beyonce: Where is the KGS server physical located?
Beyonce: As I want to go an blow it up
Beyonce: Just kidding
Muttley: I think it is in the shed at the bottom of someone's garden
Muttley: last I heard
FireRaven: you cant, you dont know where i live
Muttley: but they were considering moving it
arndt: that's why it's so hard to upgrade it

#705 [+|-] (-1)
apple: I hate it when I forget to avoid players with "?" by their rating
apple: always ends up with a game where I get destroyed
apple: players with a "?" by the rating need to be limited to playing bots until they get a settled rating
crazyest: yeah :)

#706 [+|-] (1)
IIIllIIll0: pain
Falcon89: why?
tomicus: fi fi, I'm not dead
XY0908: hello binary.
XY0908: hello bird.
XY0908: hello sawyer.
Falcon89: morning NYC-XY
tomicus: A Rush song just poped into my head
Sheriffi: I thought u had died
tomicus: I told you, I'm not dead
XY0908: hello deputy.
Falcon89: tom can't die, he has to keep NYC's net going
tomicus: yea, they are sending me upstate on friday
XY0908: tom is an important figure in our community.

#707 [+|-] (2)
Loosky: go is life - territory is our money, our social love, our health, everything we try to attain in space
Loosky: playing each piece, each choice will determine how much of that territory we attain
K5: money =/= love :)
Loosky: but whats probably more important is to simply enjoy the game, the process to learn to make stronger choice - to simply enjoy go
woochie59: go, money, women, wine... in what order ?
Javaness: hello happy go players
RoundTuit: wot about us unhappy ones?
Loosky: women>money>wine>go
Hatate: money>women>go>wine
Kretzsche: go>wine>women>money
TheMage: wine clearly makes the other 3 better
leachy: women>go>money>wine
Javaness: oh behave
Holeycow: Just one woman for me please.

#708 [+|-] (3)
Meepy: did i tell you about the time someone broke into my house and stole all the lamps?
Meepy: have to say i was absolutely delighted

#709 [+|-] (0)
RealXena: en garde !
HiggsBison: Oh no
HiggsBison: The fake in the tin-foil bra
RealXena: it's actually solid gold
RealXena: just like me
Meepy: i keep all my flavors sealed in tight... with aluminum foil
RealXena: I need more support than that
Muttley: aluminium clothes are really hard to iron
Muttley: but they are incredibly warm during summer
RealXena: they're hard to iron, but easy to aluminum
Herod: aluminum hats good to keep aliens from reading your thoughts
RealXena: or, of more immediate concern, the government

#710 [+|-] (0)
XY0908: I started watch a Korean movie this morning called Blood Aria, and just 3 minutes after it started I stopped watching.
XY0908: Know why?
Meepy: wife came into the room?
tomicus: well the blood thing would keep me from starting in the first place
XY0908: It had a scene where the main character speaks foreign language and they DUBBED that part. If the main character didn't put that much of work to do that on his own... the movie cannot be good.
XY0908: AND also wife came into the room too, Meepy :-)
tomicus: XY is on the subtitle side of the argument
Meepy: i knew it!
tomicus: sub dub wars...
XY0908: I have decided to watch ONLY good movies!

#711 [+|-] (1)
wither: the way i keep people from reading my thoughts is by not having any
RealXena: we've noticed
wither: i make it look easy, i know
Muttley: it is actually really hard to completely empty your mind
noitcif: Bruce Lee did it.
IIIllIIll0: with nunchuks
XY0908: Bruce lee did it to his opponents.
noitcif: that's a different form of "emptying someone's mind", not exactly the same
XY0908: I had a total mind-blankness twice: 1. I fell while skating  2. drank too much, way too much
Muttley: that's more like the way of the empty bottle

#713 [+|-] (0)
pestilence  7d vs Elim 4d
mateoxx59 : how the heck to choose a nickname like this !?
luciendu77 : Because strange style
luciendu77 : But incredible
Callaghan : it's a cool nickname
mateoxx59 : smelly style then
ScaryGhost: pestilence might be a horseman
RoadRunner : Your nickname determines what rank you eventually get
ScaryGhost: there are 4 of them.  I would know.
ScaryGhost: Yes, RoadRunner.  Which is why I have none OO_O
tontonken : pork must be a very 2k type of name

#714 [+|-] (0)
dopingg: rank means nothing before dan rank
beeblebrox: size can be deceptive :)
Romeo: rank means nothing after dan rank either
dopingg: right
topazg: @Romeo, +1

#716 [+|-] (2)
Muttley: You wait ages for a bus then three bicycles go past at once
PunGent: The real question is, if you're waiting for a bicycle and three buses go by, how do you spell them?
Gordon963: T-H-E-M

#717 [+|-] (0)
Hurakami : I count B+13.5
Foxy : i envy people who can count
Drake16 : Foxy you can count. Anyone can
First : surely they taught you in school
Drake16 : If you say "I can't count" its the equivelant of saying " I'm too lazy to count"
mateoxx59 : foxy, start  always with 1
Drake16 : I'm too lazy to count unless in a tournament lol
Foxy : i literally cannot pay attention long enough to count
Hurakami : pay attention? Remembering 1 number >.>?
x0000 [?]: what if «I can't deal with my lazyness so I cannot count»?

#718 [+|-] (-1)
alobar: where is holynec ?
alobar: i never could understand anyone being bothered by him saying he is king of kgs.
alobar: one of the admins told me it confuses new players.
Siller: There are a lot of under achieving, goal oriented people that want to be at the top of a little ladder
alobar: as if go is not enough to confuse new players.
First: hm
First: children believing KGS has a king
First: hahahaa
Siller: Aren't new players confused by nature? When they lose their confusion they aren't new.
alobar: and regardless of what anyone says holynec is and will always be king of kgs.
Siller: Such a drag, KGS has a queen, First.
nonosse: guest status has to be ennobled
First: a drag queen. haha
First: pun intened. d
Siller: ;)
Sheriffi: loinbar
alobar: now you made him laugh siller. i always try to make him cry

#719 [+|-] (1)
NhanPhong: anybody know another account of admin ?
Saeki: Admins got a star next to their name
mateoxx59: all admins accounts are controlled by IRS
SaintExmin: what is irs ??
SaintExmin: infrared remote system ?
mateoxx59: irs = internal revenue system, a sente american stuff
dayharri: aka the hell's gate

#720 [+|-] (1)
What to play? Go or chess ?
jkcx: i like both games but suck at both
illogical: join the crowd
illogical: Once I discovered go, i never had any interest in playing another chess game
darkronin: That's illogical
jkcx: once i discovered broccoli i could never look at ice cream the same way again

#721 [+|-] (6)
IIIllIIll0: i love winning by 0.5
OwyheeMud: :)
IIIllIIll0: now i know every move counted :)

#722 [+|-] (2)
alobar: a gastarbeiter is a guest worker. the polite term for immigrant.
alfalfa: i see. we have those in america too
alfalfa: they are called mexicans

#723 [+|-] (5)
SamSpade: i really dislike 3d movies
mateoxx59: 3 kyu movies more exciting
SamSpade: ahahahhha
mabblebrox: huh?
SamSpade: it was a laugh

#724 [+|-] (3)
gepay: what was the difference between the US and Russia that the US landed on the moon and the USSr never did ?
enufow: the US was faster ?
gepay: The US had Hollywood

#725 [+|-] (2)
dsaun: anyway, the bots are all in Social/ Computer Go room
woochie59: the bots are in Social ? that's a funny line
dsaun: agree :)
Hatate: clearly, bots are too social..they play with way too many different ppl than us
Hatate: and they greets move 1
woochie59: isn't there a 'rusty' room for them ?
dsaun: maybe we need another room category, something like mechanical :)
dsaun: yeah :)
woochie59: or... junk yard !?

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