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#114 [+|-] (-2)
newnewbiie: les diplomates us qui jouent les espions, je trouve ça croustillant comme info ^^

#115 [+|-] (-2)
pluie: bonsoir à tous(tes)
Bovido: toustes ?
pluie: pourquoi tu toustes bovido?

#116 [+|-] (0)
Lili68: oh les hommes je cherche toujours une idée de kdo de noel pourun homme de 2è ans^^
jmg: un biberon

#117 [+|-] (0)
yug: l'important c'est de ne pas troller
Ikumi: oui je suis d'accord je n'aime pas les troll non plus
iO: je croyais que c'était d'aimer
yug: relis la FAQ iO
Kingu: FAQ IO, c'est de l'anglais ?

#118 [+|-] (33)
DanielFox: Oh dark master Cthulhu the all-devouring, please let there be a fondle game today
Javaness: please do not summon Cthulhu in the EGR

#119 [+|-] (3)
HiggsBison: KGS was actually under cyberattack for refusing to give Julian Assange an account

#120 [+|-] (3)
Fenrir1: * bops kikos for fun*
kikos: why u bop me? ?
Fenrir1: it looked like fun
Fenrir1: *takes back bop*
kikos: -finds fens house- -invites him to tea-
Fenrir1: wait you invited me to tea at my own house?

#121 [+|-] (2)
annananos: about those game abbreviations, hi means hello intellectual and ty means thank you ?

#122 [+|-] (28)
Move 42
Allrighto [4d]: do u ever worry about living?
TheCaptain [4d]: no
TheCaptain [4d]: but I do worry about dying
Move 47
Allrighto [4d]: yeah u better start worrying then=)

#123 [+|-] (5)
Ubiquity [-]: i hope white dies
every0day [1k]: that's mean
Ubiquity [-]: i'm very mean
JustForFun [-]: I think he means the stones, not the person :)
mud [1k]: he probably meant the person

#124 [+|-] (7)
hgvcjc: i like the mini-game within KGS, where you have to chase the game you want to observe around, as it moves under your mouse cursor

#125 [+|-] (-1)
LeeSedol: [9p]: hi there
LeeSedol: [9p]: play a game some strong player?
blackmoa: im chat stehen die ränge nicht dabei ;)
LeeSedol: omg
LeeSedol: lol
LeeSedol: das war wohl nix...
blackmoa: aber netter versuch xD

#126 [+|-] (2)
neocube: je me plains pas, le mec était juste très rapide, et là tt d'un coup il se barre et me laisse en plan !
DJPeter: et tu sais comment on appelle ça ?
neocube: non ?
jezebel: coitus interruptus*

#127 [+|-] (6)
wolchengi: i have had 2 girls walk away from me because of my go
mendelbox: man has to do what a man has to do
wolchengi: one of the girls was older and had good reason to
BAZI: play go?
wolchengi: the other was stupid enough to ask, "if you had to choose between baduk and me... which would you choose?"

#128 [+|-] (29)
Move 81
Javaness [2d]: miao is my official spokesman
Move 87
Javaness [2d]: if he tells you that you are banned please log out

#129 [+|-] (2)
sturmfalke: DAS...IST...SPARTAAAAA
Chilltime: :-)
Chilltime: immer diese abgucker xD
wffchen: 5% Zinsenszins? Das ist Wahnsinn! Wahnsinn?! Das.. ist.. SPAAARDAAA!!!...-bank.

#130 [+|-] (1)
Tendou: c'est dingue comment la taille du goban influe sur l'efficacité des fuseki

#131 [+|-] (6)
AmyRose: Our Lee Sedol, which art in Korea,     hallowed be thy game;     thy tesuji come;     thy broadcast be done,     in the West as it is in the East.     Give us this day our daily Tsumego.     And forgive us our joseki mistakes,     as we forgive them that that make them against us.     And lead us not into bad shape;     but deliver us from Chess.     [For thine is the Baduk,     the Haengma, and the Myeongjin,     for ever and ever.]     Baduk.

#133 [+|-] (1)
Shibori: L7 is a cute move
godspeed: meaning you don't like it?

#134 [+|-] (-1)
hawkinmist: it looks like i'm 7k, but I'm really only 15k
Xoc: how did you get that overrated?
spinach: reverse sandbagging
spinach: common technique on kgs
AgeingYout: reverse sandbagging??
pasky: you play better than you can
pasky: simple
AgeingYout: your making my head hurt
UTDEspy: I'm hoooome!
spinach: hi espy!
UTDEspy: *Chews on spinach*
spinach: *chews on espy*
spinach: that's how hawk jumped to 7d--just played stronger than he was

OneWeirdDude: Reminds me of the guy who knew he had a massive inferiority complex: he knew he was better than he thought he was.

#135 [+|-] (1)
Prodigious: he's precious
Seeguu: No, he's prodigious
Lacrimosa: no, he's prestigious
Prodigious: he's a special boy

#136 [+|-] (3)
NekoTenshi: so nun muss ich die angefutterten kekse beim brett sport wieder abtrainieren XD
IssNenKeks: bettsport *.*
IssNenKeks: achso
IssNenKeks: go...
IssNenKeks: >.<

#137 [+|-] (0)
Maroncsan: done
Sandmann: who?
saym: let the dogs out~
Koffein: wuff!

#138 [+|-] (-1)
(Artem vs Kyeong-Nang on EGC2010)
Dino9 [6d]: both are not dead, but not alive

#139 [+|-] (2)
Shibui [2d?]: With a good beat 'White sixty seconds more time' could be a major dance hit

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