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#140 [+|-] (4)
Lyonweiqi [3p]: black has big behind
Lyonweiqi [3p]: now white is hard

#141 [+|-] (0)
DapperDan [4k]: it seems like whites last move was slow
StrayCat [9d?]: you are slow
norsu [1d]: sup was not right
StrayCat [9d?]: your mama i not right
DapperDan [4k]: your pretty sassy for a 9d
StrayCat [9d?]: your face is pretty sassy

#142 [+|-] (7)
EuroGoTV1 [-]: just refresh your browser
Grimley [1d]: it's not thirsty

#143 [+|-] (4)
Warfreak2 [4d]: i wonder if anyone ever made a fake pro account on kgs
CBlue [?]: warfreak, it happened once
Warfreak2 [4d]: cblue, i don't mean breakfast

#144 [+|-] (-1)
Move 78
spinach [-]: oh, espy, you are here to see my shame :)
UTDEspy [-]: it's what I live for. ;P

#145 [+|-] (7)
LovelyRita [4k?]: i did it when i was 12k
LovelyRita [4k?]: there are many center openings
Ged [1k]: I did it with a 12k
Ged [1k]: she said she was 18k though

#146 [+|-] (1)
Qualx[16k]: Yay! 3 Spectators
greeenfyre[13k]: Spectators? We're looking for the bar.

#147 [+|-] (1)
nogotalent: it's a good thing i have a new computer almost ready to go, because the old one died during the night
Meepy: poor thing
Meepy: that's the best way to go, though, during your sleep

#148 [+|-] (0)

gasiraturi: noboday knows me?
wither: dad?

#149 [+|-] (5)
wayward: okay, I'll stop flooding
tetris: me too
tetris: though i normally speak in four-sentence bursts for some reason
wayward: four sentences sounds about right
wayward: 1. thesis, 2. antithesis, 3. synthesis, 4. lol omg

#150 [+|-] (0)
fl [1d]: ich weiß aber nicht genau wie er das berechnet
fl [1d]: wenn er den kgs SE nimmt ist die sache wohl klar

#151 [+|-] (2)
Warfreak2 [4d]: hiphop2898, i'm real happy for you, i'mma let you finish, but beyoncé had one of the best dead groups of ALL TIME

#158 [+|-] (2)
Dokubara: wait is H&S sexual?
Dokubara: @.@
kyolover: no xD
Dokubara: oh
kyolover: its hide and seek
Dokubara: im thinking of M&S
kyolover: nooo xD

#159 [+|-] (0)
xsab64: comment on fait pour voir si quelqu'un est connecter ?
Kingu: on regarde à droite
Shinichi56: on regarde à gauche
Shinichi56: et on traverse
xsab64: merci

#161 [+|-] (5)
spinach: i think suicide is illegal in the u.s.
spinach: even attempted suicide--weird
mafutrct: really?
ImNoSensei: they will send your corpse to jail
ImNoSensei: you have been warned
spinach: indeed
mafutrct: XD
ImNoSensei: you will actually literally rot in a prison cell lol
spinach: heh... poor cellmates
mafutrct: i guess death sentence would be an appropriate punishment

#162 [+|-] (4)
mexyz: with beginners, it is hard to tell a misclick from a no-brainer
mexyz: with strong players it is almost impossible to tell

#163 [+|-] (0)
brobb355: well, there is a lot to the game of Go.
s: huh?

#164 [+|-] (1)
spinach: modern pro games are filled with explosive fights
spinach: older games are basically wussier
daybreak: i wonder why josh liked the old one i showed
daybreak: maybe he was just being nice
spinach: what do you mean?
daybreak: he said it was an interesting game, but on the other hand he was watching South Park throughout the demo :)
daybreak: i was thinking if it had really interested him he would have watched it

#165 [+|-] (4)
Vaelen: are angelfish edible?
kikos: angelfish are poisonous
Vaelen: they are o.o?
Vaelen: what makes them poisonous?
Egad: posion i would assume

#166 [+|-] (2)
Piggoro: yay, now he can resign!
meditation: oh!
Piggoro: in sente!

#167 [+|-] (2)
nanomoyo: i noticed the site works much faster these days... due to changes there or on kgs server?
Nyanjilla: more hardware on the kgs server
nanomoyo: nice
Nyanjilla: that isn't why the hardware was boosted, though
drunkard: somebody stole the hardware?

#168 [+|-] (8)
twilloegg: If a man talks in a forest and there are no women to hear him is he still wrong?

#169 [+|-] (6)
kikos: dont even use a mirror when i shave XD
Egad: i pay a mime $5 to do exactly what i do then i stand in front of him to shave

#170 [+|-] (2)
masaaku: I majored in econmics? does that give me some credentials?
otofreq: so you can count (I hope)

#171 [+|-] (1)
newnewbiie: quelqu'un regarde le bon, la brute et le truand ?
stene: une emission politique ?

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